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Color blocks

This season fashion goes bold and colourful so it's time for you to add some bright tones to your wardrobe. If you are in a mood for somethi... Read More

The season of the feathers

Fashion has always been about the glamour and this season is no different. This autumn fashion goes over the top, and the feathers as a m... Read More

The legends

This autumn's fashion week is going to be iconic and become a part of the fashion history for sure. During Milan's fashion week the Italian ... Read More

Beauty Trend – The 80s

One of the biggest makeup trends for this season is inspired by the fashion and the style of the disco era and the 80s. Bold lips in red and... Read More

Plastic Fantastic

Okay, we will keep it short. These sandals are cool, vintage inspired, based on the latest fashion trends. Made of PVC, white leather and ra... Read More

Jumeirah Babe

Inspired by the young kids of Jumeirah, "Jumeirah Babe" is a story about the bold sense of fashion in Dubai. A story and style inspired by t... Read More

The Birkin Skateboards

Okay, these are not actually a Birkin skateboards but they are the Birkin of the skateboards. The French fashion house has been always in... Read More

Under the abaya

Finding a nice abaya is not always an easy task but have you ever wonder what you should wear under it once you find it? We selected six ... Read More

Louis Vuitton & Supreme

The luxury giant Louis Vuitton and the streetwear brand Supreme started their fashion journey with a very supportive feedback from editors, ... Read More