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24 hours in IBIZA

What’s hot in Eivissa (Fancy Catalan for Ibiza) this summer? Well Book F27 is reporting back from the crystal clear waters, the laid-back vibe, the golden sandy beaches and the great food. Let’s take you on a dreamy 24 hour ride around the little paradise island situated in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain.

First things first; where to stay. The island is filled with hotels but if we were to recommend a couple then we would certainly start with Hacienda Na Xamena.The Hacienda Na Xamena hotel is considered by many as the best hotel on the island. Perched on a magical cliff, it offers so many experiences. Built in the 70’s it is a 5 stars hotel situated at an 18 minutes’ walk from the beach. It offers amazing sea views from its clifftop position and supreme comfort from its stylish rooms. The hotel has a renowned spa that has indoor and outdoor pools, including the Suspended Waterfalls Thalassotherapy Circuit which offers fantastic views but our favorite is the massage area located in a bamboo hut which faces the sunset in the west. (Couple Goals)

Add to that a gym, tennis court, and 3 Michelin star restaurants and we wished we could stay there forever.If you are looking for a city-vibe then book at the 105 Suites located at the Marina Magna docks, in the heart of the historic Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town. The private apartments are set in a contemporary style for the modern traveler. And yes the name is familiar as it is part of La Cantine du Faubourg Paris and Dubai. In Spring 2016, the team at La Cantine du Faubourg inaugurated its summer quarters in Ibiza, a Rivierastyle terrace right off the mega-yacht port, 105 by la Cantine. Above the restaurant, an innovative concept with 7 private contemporary apartments for the comfort of a requiring clientele of aficionados.

The rooms are spacey and luxurious with a killer view of the port, and right downstairs is Ibiza town filled with sight viewing and vintage shopping.

Now that you have your room and you got to take a small nap with the windows open, enjoying that cool summer breeze; it’s time to hit the waves at Experimental beach.Experimental Beach Ibiza is a hip beach club on the sands of Cap Des Falco, Ses Salinas, to go there you will have drive through the salt plantations that are sold as Sale Ibiza everywhere on the island. (major Road trip)

It is the brainchild of the men behind the smart Experimental Cocktail Club (ECC) concept and it features a chill bar and restaurant and white luxurious sunbeds. Expect A stunning design by Dorothée Meilichzon with muted shades of pastels coupled with great beats and the most memorable view.

The setting is very relaxed with a bohemian barefoot vibe and amazing food; the menu with a French touch focuses on local ingredients and we highly recommend the Seabass in a salt crust and Octopus a la plancha.You can also try Amante Ibiza, this beach club restaurant offers yoga classes in the morning, luxurious day beds and attentive service making it a wonderful all destination. It has a breathtaking view as the sun moves over the Mediterranean Sea, the spectacular cliff faces of Sol Den Serra are illuminated thus transforming the secluded cove into a magical place to unwind and forget all the stress.

To top it off; Amante is Ibiza’s most beautiful rural restaurant with a Mediterranean menu that is modern, healthy and based on the freshest local produce.

Now that you have tanned and ate some of the most delicious meals on the island it’s time to shop.For perfecting that inimitable Ibiza style, go to B.ones. In sharp contrast to the brightly printed, cheaply made clothes offered at most other shops, this boutique stocks easy, neutral, well-made pieces from brands like Free People, IRO, Anine Bing and OneTeaSpoon. We walked out with a pastel tie-dye top that reminded us of Zero Maria Carnejo. In addition to daywear, the boutique offers a nice selection of understated yoga ensembles, minimalist jewelry, sunglasses, swimsuits and evening dresses.

Try also Panorama; This boutique carries a tightly edited selection of brands like Carven, Maison Labiche, Charlotte Lebeck, Illesteva and Herschel. They also have a small selection of men’s ready-towear and accessories making it a great store for you and your partner to enjoy.

Stroll around town and the hippy market, there are plenty of little shops filled with straw bags, hats and seashell necklaces.One thing that you should not miss is the sunset and the perfect place for it is at Sunset Ashram; the place is renowned for its perfect vantage point. Perched on the peak between the golden sandy beaches of Cala Conte, it is all about connecting with the nature around you, appreciating the moment and feeling, rather than just viewing, the magical sunset moment.

End your day with a romantic dinner at Kyuppido located at the highest peak of Old Town, hidden inside the fortress of Dalt Vila.

The setting is intimate, luxurious and you would need to reserve a month in advance; the food is Japanese Fusion and the view is simply breathtaking. A must-see that only the Ibiza locals and die-hard Culinary tourists know of.If you wanted to end your trip with Spanish food, then head to Tatel (yes the same as Tatel Madrid and Miami) the high-end Spanish restaurant concept has arrived on Ibiza and you will need to reserve there too.

The restaurant’s mission is to be a guardian of high-end Spanish gastronomy seeking out Spain’s rich culinary treasures. Located at the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa d’en Bossa, it offers stunning views from an opulent Art Deco dining room decked out in dark green and red leather. Head chef Nacho Chicharro, who has come straight from Madrid, has brought a menu of traditional yet high-end cuisine with the freshest regional ingredients from both land and sea and zesty details from the far east that add a delicious touch to the experience.

That is the end of our 24 hours in Ibiza; a trip that will allow you to reconnect with nature, calm your senses, re-energize in sumptuous and stylish surroundings filled with attentive service and great food and music; plan it now and make your way to Ibiza before the closing in September.