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Accentuate Your Feautures With Dior Backstage

In the spirit of Dior’s latest resort collection, let’s talk Dior Beauty, probably fashion’s most talk about and well-advertised beauty brand these days! Surprisingly, more than their accessories, which is what labels usually profit from, Dior Beauty has been a constant buzz on our social media pages and as the brand pointed out themselves it’s a “luxury makeup line for millennials” which in our opinion, perfectly explains the face of the brand being Bella Hadid, and the choice of influencers such as Valentina Ferragni, Camila Carril and The Abduls being invited at the London launch yesterday. We’re pretty convinced right now that no one is able to move product like our generation!

During the Resort 2019 show, Peter Philips who’s the creative and image director of Dior Beauty launched the “Dior Backstage” collection consisting of forty foundation shades (thank you Riri for elevating the standards of the beauty game), contour palettes, concealers, lip palettes and eye palettes. The collection was inspired by Backstage runway looks hints the name, and its sole purpose is to give you that “no makeup look” and as it turns out its first customer is rumored to have been the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle for her wedding day.

Dior Backstage Foundations

Dior is known for creating looks on the runway, that are often times than others meant to accentuate only one part of the face. For the Spring 2018 couture collection, it was all about the eyes and this time, and it was all about the eyebrows and the soft lips. Which is why we want to talk about one product in particular, mainly because it’s the brand’s first time launching a product of its kind: a felt tip eyeliner. Who doesn’t love a good eyeliner? It’s personally the one item I can’t live without.

Dior Beauty launched, a hybrid tip liner that combines “the ease of a felt-pen with the suppleness of a brush.” The “On Stage Liner” comes in fifteen different colors, and was created to give an intense and professional eyeliner look that is long lasting. As all the products are already available on The eyeliner is marketed as a product that suits all type of skin shades and is even demonstrated on the website on three different skin tones: Caucasian, Asian and Black. But what we appreciated the most was the different ways you can apply the liner which is showcased on the website.

Dior On Stage Liner

We were amazed at how well most of the colors worked on all three girls, but we have four favorites, based on what we think should be no-brainers for any girl.

The Matte White: it will make your skin pop and make your eyes look bigger.

The Matte Black: is a true classic, goes with everyone and is perfect for an everyday look.

The Matte Pop Blue: whether it’s Pat Mcgrath or Kim Kardashian, the beauty experts have certified this color to be trendy. And we completely understand why…use this color if you mainly want to draw attention to your eyes.

The Pearly Bronze: this color is just stunning and alluring, and would go with any evening look.

As much as we drooled over the entire collection, we do think some of these eyeliner colors suited a skin tone better than the other, and of course, that’s a given. The Matte Pink looked fresh on the caucasian girl but gave a doll vibe to the other two. The Pearly Turquoise wasn’t a strong enough color for the Asian girl and ultimately didn’t do the liner justice in our opinion. And finally, the Matte Yellow is a bold color no matter who you are but we have to say, it suits the black girl to perfection. That color was made for her. We personally can’t wait to try the “Lip Maximizer” lip gloss that comes in four colors, as well as the “Lip Sugar Scrub” lip balm.