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Armani Beauty Goes Neo Nude

Back in 2015, Kim Kardashian went to twitter when she found out Giorgio Armani was discontinuing her favorite foundation: the “Designer Shaping Cream Foundation.” Little did she know the foundation that started it all almost 18 years ago today was more than enough and was about to be everyone favorites in for good reasons! The Luminous Silk foundation is finally adding more shades to its portfolio, and we don’t know who to turn to give thanks. Should we thank Riri or all the Beauty vloggers making significant changes in the industry?It seems beauty brands are finally paying attention, filling gaps that should have never lasted that long. But better late than never, Giorgio Armani is finally up to date with its iconic Luminous Silk foundation, and we’re happy to report that from the fairest skin to the deepest, every girl can now get their hands on it.  Every big celebrity has always sworn by this product not to mention that they were able to maintain the exact same formula for over than 15 years. Bloggers such as Marianna Hewitt and Nyma Tang were both invited to the launch in NY and approved as it does, in fact, work for their skin tone. Which they’ve both been very vocal on how it’s always been difficult for them to find the perfect foundation for their skin tones. The revamp of the foundation wasn’t the only thing Armani made noise for that weekend. They also revealed a whole new collection named Neo-Nude which features a compact powder foundation again for all skin tones (thank heavens!) 10 in total and gives a healthy glow and invisible blurring coverage. The minimalist trend has been standing firm for the longest time right now, and it’s no wonder that nude lipsticks are making a comeback. All beauty brands have been launching different ones from left to right, giving customers more than one option to choose from. Armani Beauty is up to speed and with the Neo-Nude collection a light pink nude color is available. The Ecstasy Balm Lipstick comes in two other shades deep pink and plum, and that one is definitely what you should opt for if you’re going for a Neon type of look.  Last but not least is the Neo-Nude A Line Highlighters  “like watercolors for your complexion” this item is divided into three categories and can be used as a contour, blush and liquid highlighters. There’s 2 different contour colors, 5 different blush colors, and 2 highlights. They come in a sheer blush pink bottle that has a velvet applicator and is said to be the perfect item to achieve your no-makeup/make up look.

The products can be found online on Sephora and Giorgio Armani Beauty, as well as selective Sephora stores around the world. So get your glow on and happy shopping!