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Made In Egypt: Talata

Your home, your story. That's new furniture store Talata's (Arabic for the number three) mantra so sit back and let us share their journey w... Read More

Morroco’s Photographers

  If the spirit of Arabia as portrayed in old Hollywood movies intrigues you; then we highly recommend you visit Morocco a... Read More

Dream Wheels

Book F27 has pulled together a list of the 5 most lusted over dream wheels considering the aesthetic, the limited edition status, the luxe e... Read More

The Orientalist Fantasy

Old Hollywood movies about the Middle East roared in the early-mid 20th century with the notorious “Lawrence of Arabia”. Today Book f27 ... Read More

Lost in clay

… "the transference, which, whether affectionate or hostile, seemed in every case to constitute the greatest threat to the treatment, beco... Read More

Hang your Birkin

We live in a world obsessed with the image. What we look like, what our clothes look like, houses, cars.. There are so many ways to describe a Birkin bag – art, luxury item, investment. No matter how you feel about the “Holy Grail” of all the fashionistas, for Nick Veasey, the Birkin bag is certain... Read More

Cleopatra’s Splendour

She exuded beauty, she enchanted men both young and old, she was a woman worth a thousand suns, she was Cleopatra. The legend of Egypt’s last pharaoh has enthralled our imaginations, history books and silver screens for ages. An overlooked cinematic version of the events that lead to her dem... Read More

The Countach Revival

The eighties nostalgia is still staging a timeless appeal to our lives, it started with Marc Jacobs and his “Chic 80s” party in Brooklyn followed by the frenzy of the bum bag by luxury brands like Gucci and Supreme X Louis Vuitton, then with the comeback of the hair scrunchie, the shoulders pads, ... Read More