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Screenings at the Louvre

Looking to have an interactive cultural experience? This summer The Louvre Abu Dhabi has you covered. It has created Cinem’Art; ... READ MORE

Internet Artist: Roeqiya Fris

This month Book f27 focuses on the Dutch –Egyptian artist Roeqiya Fris or Roeqie, as she's known as on the Internet. The illustrator who ... READ MORE

Liquid Bakhoor

In most Arab countries burning bakhoor is a must and a part of the daily rituals. From using it to perfume your clothes or setting up a nice... READ MORE

Medkhan Design

Medkhans have always been a staple in every home in Dubai, embedded in the culture and tradition of the region, it is used on a daily basis ... READ MORE

Meet Tasnim Baghdadi

Meet German-Morrocan artist Tasnim Baghdadi. Famed for her majestic illustrations and regal patterns, she distinctly explores tradition and ... READ MORE

Screenings at the Louvre

Looking to have an interactive cultural experience? This summer The Louvre Abu Dhabi has you covered. It has created Cinem’Art; an initiative for the next six weeks between the museum and the Dubai-based artist and film enthusiast Hind Mezaina who has curated the film list.Cinem’Art take... READ MORE

Dine with Dalí

Salvatore Dalí needs no introduction; the late artist is a Spanish surrealist painter best known for his striking surrealist work, his pieces draw crowds everywhere they are exposed and there is even a special Dalí tour that explains his life. The man is a genius. His expansive artistic reperto... READ MORE


After the success of our Medkhan feature that highlighted the most beautifully designed Medkhans, we have decided to light the way and feature our top Bukhoor to complement them. The burning of incense or Bukhoor is an old tradition that dates back thousands of years and that still prevails today... READ MORE

Made In Egypt: Talata

Your home, your story. That's new furniture store Talata's (Arabic for the number three) mantra so sit back and let us share their journey w... READ MORE

Morroco’s Photographers

  If the spirit of Arabia as portrayed in old Hollywood movies intrigues you; then we highly recommend you visit Morocco a... READ MORE

Dream Wheels

Book F27 has pulled together a list of the 5 most lusted over dream wheels considering the aesthetic, the limited edition status, the luxe e... READ MORE

The Orientalist Fantasy

Old Hollywood movies about the Middle East roared in the early-mid 20th century with the notorious “Lawrence of Arabia”. Today Book f27 ... READ MORE

Lost in clay

… "the transference, which, whether affectionate or hostile, seemed in every case to constitute the greatest threat to the treatment, beco... READ MORE

The Countach Revival

The eighties nostalgia is still staging a timeless appeal to our lives, it started with Marc Jacobs and his “Chic 80s” party in Brooklyn f... READ MORE

The Birkin Skateboards

Okay, these are not actually a Birkin skateboards but they are the Birkin of the skateboards. The French fashion house has been always in... READ MORE

Missoni Beach

If you already left Dubai and you are on a yacht somewhere in Europe good for you. But if you are still in the region and not fully prepared... READ MORE

Balenciaga Plushies

If you are a fashion enthusiast and looking for a cool gift we have a good news for you. Balenciaga launched a collection of cool plushy ... READ MORE

Arabian Horses

A cultural treasure of the Arab people, a creature of poetry and romance, passion and envy, mystery and majesty, the Arabian horse has inspi... READ MORE