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#BEYCHELLA 2018 – A performance to remember

Over the weekend, Coachella became an even hotter festival, all thanks to Queen Bey’s epic performance that we’ll continue to talk about until the end of time! Coachella became Beychella, and Beyonce is still getting us “In Formation” as she took us to an almost two-hour long college theme performance.

The show consisted of a marching band made of historically black colleges and universities alumni dressed in yellow uniform, as you could imagine was a thoughtful homage to her Beyhive tribe. The letters B.A.K were seen embroidered on most of her custom-made Balmain outfits, including the long black cape in which she channelled Queen Nefertiti in her intro piece.  Some suggested that B.A.K simply meant “back” as the singer had to postpone her last year Coachella gig due to her pregnancy, and others suggest that it was the initials for the imaginary, Beyonce Knowles university. The set was composed of 24 songs, five outfit changes and a major reunion with her former bandmates Kelly and Michelle of the Destiny’s Child with their hit songs “Lose My Breath,”  an epic remix of “Say My Name” and “I Need A Soldier.” Surprise appearances by her sister Solange with whom she danced “Get Me Bodied,” and husband Jay Z to which they performed a duet to  “Deja Vu” made the night even more special. She really took her fans, especially the ones that have been with her since day one, to the very beginning which turned out to be a magical ride. For those who were watching at home if you’re just like us, we hope that in between tears and dance moves you were losing it freaking out of excitement just like the internet!

Although all her outfits meant something, the one that particularly stood out to us, was the mesh crest top as it had so much significance. On it four symbols were embroidered, an image of an Egyptian royal, a black fist, a black panther, and a bee representative of the Black Panther Party, plus her fans the #Beyhive. At the bottom, you could read 2018 and Beyonce which we could only think meant “ B.A.K class of 2018”.

As a lot of fans and celebrities pointed out, Bey’s performance was done for her culture, as it was indeed a celebration of the black culture as she didn’t fell to point out the women that opened doors for her, and allowed for this moment to be possible. She sang “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” also known as the black national anthem and made a  tribute to Nina Simone (an activist from the Civil Rights Movement) and incorporated to a song quotes from Malcolm X another human right activist.

The first weekend of #Beychella will be one to remember as Beyonce proved to be once again the greatest performer of all time living our dead!  Not only did the singer made history, as she was the first black woman ever to headline the festival since it’s 20-year inception.  But as per usual, the Queen broke records as her show reached the highest live streaming record EVER, it was the MOST tweeted Coachella performance and the LONGEST Coachella dancing sequence on stage.  Through the sound of violins, trumpets, sousaphones, trombones, and fireworks that accompanied Beyonce performance throughout the entire night, the only thing that comes to mind is  All Hail, the Queen!

Beyonce, please sign us up for B.A.K, as college never looked this fun and educational at the same time. We want to party with the queen, and just like Tiffany Haddish, we will have no problem signing that NDA!

By Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre

Pictures by Andrew White / Robin Harper / Beyonce.com