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After the success of our Medkhan feature that highlighted the most beautifully designed Medkhans, we have decided to light the way and feature our top Bukhoor to complement them.

The burning of incense or Bukhoor is an old tradition that dates back thousands of years and that still prevails today; walk around any mall in the region and you will see stands burning Bukhoor made of Frankincense, Oud, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk or Myrrh, the main ingredients in Bukhoor preparations.

Traditionally it is burned as a gesture of hospitality when excepting guests, and it is also burned during celebrations such as Eid, weddings, during Jumma (Friday) and during Majlis sessions. Bukhoor’s importance as a way of honoring guests and beautifying the home has made it a symbol of Emirati culture. women walk around the house holding the burner to scatter the smoke in every room. They also wave their Abayas and clothing above the smoke so that it picks up the long lasting scent. Other women wave their clothes and hair over the smoke coming out of the Bukhoor burner.

The burner is then left in the hall of the home to perfume the place with its curtains, Sofas, and carpets, with a rich thick scented smoke that’s also known to eliminate stubborn smells like Tobacco, pet smells or cooking smells.

Today exactly like the Medkhans got a modern touch, the Bukhoor received the same treatments with local and international brands focusing all their savoir-faire and contemporary designs on the incense. One of our favorite local initiatives is Tola; created by Dhaher Bin Dhaher the genius behind Villa 515 in Jumeirah, Tola is a heady combination of classicism, avant-garde fragrance making and an insistence on high-quality creations.

Tola focuses on the highest quality oils, salves and aromatic waters with scents that capture the spirit of a new way of life – contemporary and chic, yet anchored in the culture of timeless tradition.

Tola has introduced 4 lines of Bukhoor starting with the classic Bukhoor #00 which was fragranced by Amaya, Dhaher’s mother. He took the lead in introducing a modern way of creating Bukhoors, incorporating modern scents that gave a warm reception to both locals and expats. This, and the high demand of new scents, eventually became his inspiration to create the other 3 lines which he called Bukhoor #01, Bukhoor #02 and Bukhoor #03 all beautifully packaged in a modern black bottle with a cork seal and a wax stamp. Next is Zenology, a brand we all have at home as their ambiance spray is a staple. They bring luxury to homes by making sensible, high quality and lifestyle products that glam up an interior all with care for the environment.

Their Bukhoor line is a collaboration with Tola and focuses on scents like Ebony, black tea and cotton flowers, scents that stay true to their ethos as they only use ingredients from renewable sources that represent a fusion of active botanicals and the powers of vitamins.And finally, on our list, you have to find Lootha, a homegrown brand with the most heavenly scents; with over 10 lines ranging from Jasmine, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Henna, Lavender, and Oud sold in Jumeirah center.

Bukhoor has been passed down from one generation to another until it reached us. It is still used with high with pride, and its traditional usage has been embellished with a touch of modern spirit and the hopes to keep this tradition running in the centuries to come.