Le Gemme – BookF27

Le Gemme

BVLGARI presents the new Le Gemme collection dedicated to men. New, revolutionary chapter in the history of the Roman jeweller’s house. In the DNA of the master of precious stones is written that one day Bulgari will travel around the world to seek out and reveal the secrets of the universe where precious stones and perfumes interweave.

The new precious Eau de Parfum collection, dedicated to men, tells of the ancient history of the world, following the paths of precious stones and perfume that the great conquerors and nomads of antiquity discovered during their travels. This dual journey through the worlds of precious stones and fragrances recreates a legendary world of adventure in the regions of the Mediterranean to the Far East.

Bulgari entrusts Master perfumer Jacques Cavalier the task of recreating the six precious stones of the collection in a radical palette – a work of art. As a blast, this new collection shakes the established rules in perceptions of male perfumery. In the way the stone knives reveal the beauty of precious stones, Jacques Cavalier works with excellent raw materials to the limits of the impossible to elevate their jewels and reveal them in a new, unexpected register.

With the Le Gemme collection dedicated to men, Bulgari puts a new perfume imprint in the 21st Century universe.