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Meet Mary Jo and Laura Fernandez

Even more than most industries, fashion is obsessed with youth. From teen runway models to the millennials adopting and influencing trends, the focus is often o... READ MORE

Face to Face – Fatma Al Mulla

Beyond her creative work, Fatma Al Mulla is an artist at heart interested in all types of beauty. The Emirati designer opens-up to Book F27 about the struggles ... READ MORE

The Secret Life of Jeffree Star

Last week the Internet went mad. The US-based vlogger Shane Dawson who has over 16 000 000 subscribers on YouTube did 4 episodes about the life and career of th... READ MORE

Daphne Guinness- Contra Mundum

Daphne Diana Joan Susanna Guinness is an heiress, a fashion designer, an art collector, a model, a musician, a film producer, an actor and a style inspiration. ... READ MORE

My City – Claire Thomson-Jonville

On the launch of her tailoring collection with French label Pallas, the British editor revelas her favourite hangouts in Paris.  Recognised for her impeccable ... READ MORE

The Kardashians-West for Fendi

There is something in Chris Jenner's genes, which makes all her daughters super successful - we do not know what and how, but we want it too! With 20 years old ... READ MORE

Skinny is Ugly

Last month I was meeting a good friend of mine for lunch at a very hip place in the city, we sat down and I ordered a pizza, something I regularly do, you see I... READ MORE

Face to Face – Yasmin Al Mulla

Yasmin Al Mulla may be known for her namesake YNM but it's her distinctive aesthetics that she transmits to everything around her that's truly fascinating. The ... READ MORE

BVLGARI Aristocratic Affair

Captioned “The art of beauty and glamour,” the Italian luxury brand, Bvlgari introduced their new UK brand ambassador, via Instagram, and it’s Lady Kitty Spence... READ MORE

Huda Boss

Raise your hand if you woke up at 5 am on Tuesday, June 12 th to catch the very first episode of Huda Boss on Facebook Watch; if you haven’t then we suggest you... READ MORE

Get Involved

If volunteering has ever crossed your mind but your busy schedule has always had priority, (we are also guilty of the same) then take advantage of the shorter w... READ MORE

Style Crush – Barbara Martelo

“What would Barbara Martelo wear” or “WWBMW” is a phrase I tell myself every morning while starring at my overcrowded closets. Barbara Martelo who first star... READ MORE

Haider’s Aesthetics

He’s 47 years old and has established an empire; he’s well known and appreciated within the tight circle of fashion enthusiasts and he likes that way; he’s no o... READ MORE

The Twins in combat boots

Haya and Sama Abu Khadra are the identical twins that have been ruling the music and social scenes in LA under the handle @SimiHaze. They are the daughters of R... READ MORE

Face to Face – Amirah Tajdin

Beyond her talented work, Amirah Tajdin is a powerful figure and role model for women in the region and beyond. The Kenyan artist and filmmaker who splits her t... READ MORE