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Skinny is Ugly

Last month I was meeting a good friend of mine for lunch at a very hip place in the city, we sat down and I ordered a pizza, something I regularly do, you see I... READ MORE

Midnight Zero Zero

If the images of Marie Antoinette’s candy-coloured shoes in Sophia Copolla’s movie still fill you with envy, then Midnight 00 or Midnight Zero Zero is the new b... READ MORE

Suit It Up Like Dior

As of 2016, if there’s one thing the fashion CEOs have made clear is that business is more important than image, hence the constant change of crea... READ MORE

Clothes of Eternal Summer

The story is one we have all experienced; Rebecca Hessel wanted to get married and needed bridesmaid dresses, alas she couldn’t find any that she li... READ MORE

Revisiting a classic

The tennis bracelet is a classic and it can be seen on almost every women’s arm next to the Love bracelet by Cartier. With its different diamond sha... READ MORE

Turban Chic

Whether worn as religious observance or purely in the name of fashion, there's no denying that the turban game is going strong. From Cleopatra to Ma... READ MORE

Louis Vuitton’s New Era

Men’s Fashion Week kicked off couple days ago, but the most anticipated shows of the seasons were, of course, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. Ironically, both... READ MORE

Heel-Trainer-Hybrid by DSquared2

Ever since fashion powerhouses like Chanel and Dior designed a flurry of bulky trainers, the humble shoe's style status sky rocketed. From the good, the bad ... READ MORE

Welcome to Cartier’s Wild Side

Designed for the rebellious girls out there, Cartier's new collection is all about daring to be wild when it comes to personal style. In the words of the brands... READ MORE

The Modern Local Abaya

The word Abaya once meant one single image, a piece of black fabric that formed a modest, loose-fitting robe but that is no longer the case, with the rise of th... READ MORE

Jewelry focus: Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche truly seems to have the Midas touch, from starting her jewelry line in her garage to owning an empire with its own tribe of successful, beautiful ... READ MORE

Denim Talk: Mom Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are now a thing of the past so give a nice, warm welcome to the new season staple, the mom jeans. Yes, they've made a comeback and a rather stro... READ MORE

The Best Summer Hats

last weekend's heatwave was the start of what we in Dubai call Summer. We move all aspects of our lives to indoor areas that are heavily acclimatized, however, ... READ MORE

Summer staple: Retro Sunglasses

Vintage sunglasses have always been on our radar but this season they're cooler than ever. From Celine to Gucci, the 2018 runways were rife with exceptional eye... READ MORE

Opulent Earrings

Bold, baroque, golden, extra-large, embellished, semi-precious, hand-crafted, unique, intricate and bold are some of the characteristic of this season’s most wa... READ MORE

Silk Appeal

There are few things we can think of that embody timeless elegance like an Hermes scarf. Made up of only the finest silk, it's no wonder it has firmly cemented ... READ MORE