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Chanel Beach Bags

Initially known for the little black dress and jersey, the Chanel brand has become far more than what its founder could have imagined! From hats to Chanel No 5, the French brand went from having essential accessories to a luxurious state that will stand until the end of time!

With Karl Lagerfeld at the helm of the brand, Chanel is now a label that not only every girl wish to have in their closet, but in the modelling world, for the young newcomers walking for Chanel means you have made it! But make no mistake, just because the brand is known for its lavish products and elegant style such as the tweed jacket, it’s mainly a fashion line that is synonymous with casual-chic! And what could be more laid-back and luxurious than making a bag made for the beach?The Chanel Deauville is a tote bag that was designed couple of seasons ago; some made of leather, some with tweed but recently the classic bag has had a modern twist. It’s now made of Canvas worth around 2500 euros to 4930 euros, depending on the model and has become the summer IT bag.  Models and Influencers alike have been spotted carrying it around at the beach, and some even at the airport. The bag has the “Chanel” inscription on it as well as the logo, and the place where Mademoiselle Coco lived herself “31, Rue Cambon, Paris”. The rather large tote bag can be found at some Chanel stores and is available in Grey on Grey, Navy Blue, Beige and bright Pink and Orange. If by any chance you’re told that you’ve missed out on the style, you can always find it on eBay in their Authentic and Verified section.

If you’re not into the whole taking your Chanel bag to the beach thing, but rather more into what Chanel is usually associated with, you can find the “Deauville” style bag named the Shopping Bag. The model is available for you to check out online, it’s still in canvas, but with an added touch of leather straps and the classic Chanel silver-tone metal chains, this version is also available to shop in stores.

By Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre