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CODE: Coral

Summer is in full swing and the passions are heated to fiery red. Or at least the shade of the red coral. Suffice it even to name it to be brought to mythical and paradise spaces. Traditionally, the red coral has been used as a popular tool against scorpion bites and ideally used to make a talisman against evil eyes and bad spells. Its shape is unconventional, exciting and prone to fantastic ideas and craftsmanship of all kinds of jewellery, whether for hands, ears or even ankles.

Extremely popular in all shades and colours, coral is also favourite of the Italians, who, as we know, are an indisputable symbol of style and eternal example for good taste. And while, according to the latest data, coral in its natural form begins to lose its original red color due to global warming, we seem to do nothing about it … But this is not a problem that dates back yesterday. The coral in fashion is experiencing its absolute peak in the 1930s, and then it is back in the 1970s, where it is often used in the company of turquoise, diamond or amethyst.

Rosantica, Kenneth Jay Lane

Today we seem to extract the archives and breathe life, thanks to the Italian brands that have made a very important place on the coral. And in such a rare, recent, original color. We have witnessed many collections where the red coral was the only color accent. Vivid, intense color, celebrating creativity and the joy of life.

Yes, corals have a sense of past, class and chic, which seem to belong to past ages. But it is today that they experience their little revival and look so modern! And adding the Italian splendour, in which the coral presents, cannot become our favourite accessory not only for the summer days but also for the winter when we will remember nostalgia and love for the nights gone by. Because a jewel is capable of telling thousands of stories even in the second we get it out of the box. And that’s where the magic lies, that’s where the waves of the seas are hiding, which have shaped it in this brilliant and perfect way.