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Daphne Guinness- Contra Mundum

Daphne Diana Joan Susanna Guinness is an heiress, a fashion designer, an art collector, a model, a musician, a film producer, an actor and a style inspiration.

Daphne Guinness is not your everyday style inspiration but she is what you would aspire to be, she represents in her art and style the idea of being against the world, to be Contra Mundum exactly like her famous gold and diamond set chainmail glove also named Contra Mundum made in partnership with jeweler designer Shaun Leane. Daphne is an artist and her art transpires in everything she touches.Her style does not leave her unnoticed and she can only describe it as “Uncomfortable but Grounded”.

She is like a mythological creature; half-fashion, half-fantastical with two-toned Cruella deVil-esque hair and the most polished make-up you will ever see, sending off Alien-esque vibes with her prolonged eyeshadow.

Her style relies heavily on heelless and gravity-defying Mary Janes in every possible colourway, most of which are both designed by and custom-made for her and of course on wearing the iconic Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo boots. The rest of the look is a combination of extensive closets filled with corsets and couture pieces from Chanel, McQueen, Gareth Pugh, a breathtaking jewelry collection and of course the wildest Philip Treacy hats.Daphne was a close friend of the late Alexandre McQueen, she was also a huge fan, introduced to him by her friend Isabella Blow with whom she worked with; Alexander and her became very close and the heartbreak she felt upon hearing of his suicide left a deep scare and in a way shifted her eclectic style into a darker mood.

For his funeral she wore a one of a kind McQueen cloak adorned with a diamond brooch and a Philip Treacy hat embellished with black lace and flowers; the look was a complete tribute to the genius McQueen was and Guinness style never felt more appropriate.In accordance with her concept of Contra Mundum, Daphne is not only a pretty and rich face, her broad spectrum of knowledge from fashion to ancient history, art, and even Opera is intensive, and it is her interesting conversations that have linked her to some of the famous people on the planet from designers, to painters, to musician, to philosophers and Nobel prize winners. Daphne is never afraid to speak her mind especially against the mainstream fashion industry whom she is very dismissive of and accuses of destroying personal style.

Daphne’s work also speaks greatly of her talent, from designing clothes, jewelry, perfumes, novels, music and being the muse of Nars, Karl Lagerfeld, Akris and many more… and to have her legendary wardrobe become the subject of an exhibition in New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology museum in 2001, it seems that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Once described as “no longer a person but a concept”, by her former boyfriend the French writer Bernard-Henri Lévi, Daphne Guinness is one of the world’s most glamorous women who has stayed true to her style no matter the occasion or the trends and for that she truly deserved to have the title of “Ultimate Fashion Icon”.

By G.D.