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Don’t judge the shoes

Nothing has divided the fashion community like the new Haute Couture SS18 Dior shoes; with Instagram posts from big bloggers taking polls about them, they have blown up on everyone’s feed and are causing a frenzy!

The Dior Surreal- D shoes with a “Choc” heel of 6.5cm come in two versions; one in black tulle with an “Eye” jewel on the front and the other one in nude and black dotted tulle. Both are covered in suede calfskin at the back and both have the extraordinary feature of looking “unfinished” as if the shoe was cut in half and put together with a golden piece of metal engraved with the eponymous name: Christian Dior.

Comments ranged from absolute genius to severe disgust and with a lot of women wondering about the level of comfort the shoes offer, and so we decided to put them to the test. Our Fashion Director at Book f27 decided to try them on and report back with an unbiased opinion, she went into the newly opened Dior boutique at The Dubai Mall in the new Fashion Avenue and the luxury experience took over from the second she walked in.

The store, which offers women’s and men’s collections alongside jewelry and watches, is dotted with artworks and mirror-effect pieces of furniture, such as Guillaume Piechaud’s polished steel Galet table and Maria Pergay Gerbe’s console. It features a herringbone-patterned parquet floor, nodding to house founder Christian Dior’s taste for 18th-century furnishings. And it features walls of bags and shoes, enough to make you drool.

After notifying the lovely salesperson about our shoe request and size needed, the box finally appeared, and as it was being opened our Fashion Director felt strange, as admittedly the shoe looks strange, it was like being able to look at the inside structure of a pair Dior heels, a sort of anatomical model of a shoe where you could explain to clients what makes a shoe.

It weighs the same as a regular pair, and the front and back look like the rest of the collection; the shoe was finally worn and our Fashion Director reported feeling the cold engraved metal on her foot arch but no discomfort at all.

After a few strolls in the stores and parades in front of the numerous mirrors, she confidently said that she loved them, when worn they did not look that strange on the foot, they elongated her legs and made her feel powerful.

Moral of the story? Don’s judge a shoe by its look! Try it on, go to the store, enjoy the experience, wear the shoes, walk in them, take pictures and see how you feel. Who knows you might be positively surprised.