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Everybody’s Wearing a Snakeskin Print

The animistic prints give more than a strong demand for the past, present, and even upcoming fashion season. The lead role has so far been entrusted only to the leopard, which, with the strong character it carries, absolutely dictates what is happening on the front in question, both in designer collections and on the street.

But with the release of autumn collections, we see the rise of another animistic print that steals our hearts and not just ours, we would say. The snakeskin print that we witnessed in the past fashion weeks in February, where designers from New York, London, Milan and Paris used the animal motive intensely in their collections. While we’ve been watching collections of photos so far and wondering when and how to test the next trend, fashion girls already show us how to do it.The just-ended fashion week in Copenhagen gives a wide array of examples of how well each element can look when it is stylized properly, and we urge at least a glimpse of inspiration.

Everything started about a year ago when Supreme launched a collection in a python print. Later this year we saw Rihanna ricking a python leather jacket by Gucci on the cover of Vogue Arabia and then, all the major fashion houses took the wave and make the snakeskin print the new leopard print.

Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Chloe, Roberto Cavalli, Tom Ford, Fendi and Salvatore Ferragamo are just a few of the brands we can name that used the python print in their latest collections. But apart from how designers presented it on the runway, we love how the fashion editors and the street style celebrities interpreted the trend. Mixed with sneakers, logo t-shirts, white shirts and tartan jackets the concept behind the good outfit and the snakeskin print is the mix and match. Mix the print and match it with any other print in the same color palette and ideally, you can keep the look in one tone.