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Fakes in the market

Take a good look around you and chances are 80 per cent of your friends and colleagues are scoring the most recent IT bag and shoes right now and with the global economic situation heading towards a recession, it is more than natural to ask yourself how.

With the rise of second-hand luxury stores it could be possible that their latest scores are pre-loved and with many retailers going crazy with the sale during DSF it could also be a heavily discounted item, Ounass.ae and Boutique 1 had a 20percent discount on their already discounted items and even Chanel had a massive 12 hours’ sale that left the malls crippled with queues.

It could have been bought at a sample sale, as many brands are having their own “private” sample sales with discounts, I remember a friend buying a Valentino bag for 2000 AED and a pair of Gucci loafers for 600 AED brand new, not pre-loved, just heavily discounted at a sample sale.

And it could also be a Replica, a Fake, a really good fake. The thought is horrifying to some but you would be surprised to learn about the extent of the replica market.Watches and jewellery are the heaviest markets being counterfeit followed by bags, shoes, wallets, sunglasses and even T-shirts. This is not NEWS, replicas have existed alongside the luxury market since the beginning and it is sometimes a sign that the designer has “made it” since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; replicas were usually bought by customers who could not afford the real thing but that could not be further from the truth today.

Meet the new replica customers, they are the same ones you see all over your Instagram feed, showing off their new find, they are also the ones that shop at the actual mono-brand luxury store to create confusion.

Times are such that it’s the luxury clientele that is dabbing her feet into the fake market in order to keep up with the ever fast-paced changing trends or trying to expand her collection because let’s face it, one of the biggest telltales of a fake bag is who is wearing it.

You authenticate the bag if its owner is wealthy and has a high social status, so imagine that, that same person is parading a fake Birkin, would you notice? Sadly, the answer is 90 per cent of the time negative.

Experiments have been conducted to confirm the results and it showed that the way you dress from head to toe (make-up and hair included) helped validate if your items are authentic.

Knowing that imagine you are well off and aspire to have a collection of Birkin bags in every possible colourway wouldn’t you include 5 or 7 really well-made replicas? No one would even notice and it would save up a good chunk of money highly needed these days.

This is not a hypothesis, this is a factual situation happening in our society today, a high amount of the bags that you see around you are fake and this phenomenon is not going to stop.

So don’t let the excess of luxury around you bring you down, it’s mostly fake anyway!