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The Sporrans bag

Even that it is inspired by the traditional sporran bag that its part of the traditional Scottish male costume, we feel that the Miu Miu bla... Read More

Yves Cowboys

You may never swing a lasso or even ride horseback in it, you'll still appreciate the durability of this hooded Saint Laurent jacket. Made i... Read More


This season we are exploring some of the biggest fashion trends for the fall/winter season and we decided to start with something timeless -... Read More

Color blocks

This season fashion goes bold and colourful so it's time for you to add some bright tones to your wardrobe. If you are in a mood for somethi... Read More

The season of the feathers

Fashion has always been about the glamour and this season is no different. This autumn fashion goes over the top, and the feathers as a m... Read More

The legends

This autumn's fashion week is going to be iconic and become a part of the fashion history for sure. During Milan's fashion week the Italian ... Read More

Shopping List – Pretty in pink

In 1953, when, Mamie Eisenhower attended an event after her husband won the elections for the US president, in a pink embellished gown in pink, the color immediately became associated with everything feminine.  Since then the pink is considered the girliest color ever and used by brands and designer... Read More

Six abaya designers to follow on Instagram

Okay, let's be honest, we consider this six woman some of the best young abaya designers in the region. Not only you should follow them on every social media channel possible, but also you should check out their work if you are wearing abaya and looking for something new, modern and chic.   ... Read More

Plastic Fantastic

Okay, we will keep it short. These sandals are cool, vintage inspired, based on the latest fashion trends. Made of PVC, white leather and rattan, they remind us of a pool side furniture but isn't that what makes them so cool. Perfect for your September's weekends in Dubai to spend by the pool and at... Read More