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Fendi x Fila

After the strong collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme now Fendi wants to show us they can do it too. Fanny pack with the mon... READ MORE

Fakes in the market

Take a good look around you and chances are 80 per cent of your friends and colleagues are scoring the most recent IT bag and shoes right no... READ MORE

The New Normal

The UAE has become a major player market for second-hand luxury shopping with many customers warming up to the idea that previously owned lu... READ MORE

Travel In Style

Whether you're jet-setting to the South of France or going on an exotic Caribbean getaway, we've got the most amazing suitcases to make sure... READ MORE

Chanel Beach Bags

Initially known for the little black dress and jersey, the Chanel brand has become far more than what its founder could have imagined! From ... READ MORE

Supreme New Drop

Supreme has officially redefined what it means to have a high streetwear brand! Dropping surprising collections every now and then has becom... READ MORE

Balmain & Beyoncé

Nearly three months after the most unforgettable and iconic music performance to ever go down in history, aka #Beychella, Balmain, and Beyon... READ MORE

The Must-Have Skirt

After we saw Victoria Beckham rocking a maxi white silk skirt on the streets of London a few days ago we are obsessed with the clothing piece we didn't pay attention for a while. Checking the fashion shows for this summer and the new collections for the upcoming autumn, the maxi skirt is definitely ... READ MORE

Summer Colors

Summer is well underway as our Instagram feed proves it. It’s blowing up with holiday pictures of friends and bloggers at the beach, working on their tan and enjoying the most delicious gelatos. And even though you are still sitting in the office, surrounded by grey walls and robot-like colleague... READ MORE

The Kardashians-West for Fendi

There is something in Chris Jenner's genes, which makes all her daughters super successful - we do not know what and how, but we want it too! With 20 years old Kylie to become the youngest self-made billionaire, we found out that the  5-year-old granddaughter of Chris, Kim's and Kanye's eldest daugh... READ MORE


Western-inspired details, sleek lace-up boots, plush velvet clutch bags and modern, geometric totes: look to these elegant finishing touch... READ MORE

Don’t judge the shoes

Nothing has divided the fashion community like the new Haute Couture SS18 Dior shoes; with Instagram posts from big bloggers taking polls ab... READ MORE

Summer Arm Candy

With your Cult Gaia bag by your side, your Maison Michel canotier on your head and your Hunza G swimsuit on, you might think that you are re... READ MORE


First, we notice the small bag during fashion week, then we saw it appearing in some of our favorite Instagram profiles. Shaped as a basic n... READ MORE


After seeing it on Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian we must admit that the fanny pack is on our shopping lists for the... READ MORE

La Bomba

The exaggerated straw hat categorically falls into the eye of the Spring / Summer 2018 trends, thanks to the collection of the French brand ... READ MORE

Skinny is Ugly

Last month I was meeting a good friend of mine for lunch at a very hip place in the city, we sat down and I ordered a pizza, something I reg... READ MORE

Midnight Zero Zero

If the images of Marie Antoinette’s candy-coloured shoes in Sophia Copolla’s movie still fill you with envy, then Midnight 00 or Midnight Ze... READ MORE

Suit It Up Like Dior

As of 2016, if there’s one thing the fashion CEOs have made clear is that business is more important than image, hence the con... READ MORE

Clothes of Eternal Summer

The story is one we have all experienced; Rebecca Hessel wanted to get married and needed bridesmaid dresses, alas she couldn’t ... READ MORE