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Net-a-porter vs High Jewellery

Attention please, we have a sparkly announcement (and you're going to love it). One of our favourite online retailer will b... Read More

Haider’s Aesthetics

He’s 47 years old and has established an empire; he’s well known and appreciated within the tight circle of fashion enthusiasts and he likes... Read More

The Invasion of Sportswear

The luxury sector in fashion has been dead for a few years now. It is common knowledge that brands have been surviving for the longest t... Read More

The Future of Lanvin

  Two days ago, Derek Blasberg tried to give us a break down of who’s creatively in charge of which brand while hosting the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards, let’s just say…we are all still very CONFUSED. Who can remember who’s sitting where or who sat where in this fast-paced fashion musical chair!?... Read More

Hello Coco Beach & Coco Neige

Oh Chanel, just when we thought you couldn't get any better, you launch your very own swimwear and snow range. Give a warm welcome to Coco Beach and Coco Neige by Karl Lagerfeld. The designer got the idea while on holiday in St Tropez where he noticed the luxury French label lacked a strong swimwear... Read More

The Khaleeji Trend

The Fashion Industry has always been influenced by events that happen around the world. From festivals to political movements, creative directors have always used these historical changes to positively influence their consumers and make the uncommon acceptable and even trendy. Despite the negativ... Read More

The Return Of The Bumbag

Whether it's worn as a belt to cinch in billowing maxi dresses or elegantly wrapped around trousers, it's quite apparent that bumbags are having a little bit of... Read More

The age of Mipsters

When it comes to subcultures, Mipsters have been having a moment for well over 3 years now, with the roots of the movement evolving from a more modest take on f... Read More


Back in the day, PVC was only seen on raincoats but ever since high fashion brands took it under their wing, it has been given it a new lease of life. And now w... Read More

Louis Vuitton x Virgil Abloh

Fashion fanatics stop what you're doing because we've got some breaking news. Following last week's departure of Kim Jones, French fashion house Louis Vuitton h... Read More

Micro shades

Call them as you like - micro or retro, but they are the sunglasses of the season without a doubt. The minimalist frames in the spirit of the Matrix seemed to h... Read More

The last abaya

No more black abaya in Saudi Arabia according to Saudi prince Mohammad bin Salman. The Saudi royalty who brings new climate to the kingdom and a lot of politica... Read More

Nathalie’s Clutch

Beautifully hand crafted from the finest kabibe shell and stone, the Jules clutch by Nathalie Trad is a refined choice. This elegant box clutch featuring a stri... Read More


Ever since Louis-Francois Cartier founded the brand in 1847, the luxury Parisian Maison quickly became synonymous with poise, elegance and style. And its Panthè... Read More


Symbol of luck, health, fortune, and love. Named after the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, the Alhambra collection is one of the most recognisable jewellery... Read More

1001 Nights

Inspired by the tales of Arabia and the vintage Hollywood glamour this Ramadan we are planning to steal Elizabeth Taylor's look and style the turban with long s... Read More

Five slippers for your desert trip

Going to the desert is a beautiful experience and this March we are planning to spend our weekends at the camps around the fire. To have an unforgettable desert... Read More

Fendi Policromia

Have you ever wanted to create your unique watch? To create your unique piece is possible with the new Fendi’s Policromia watch collection and it's not only a d... Read More