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The Salvador’s shoes

Someone said once that everybody can talk about art for 30 minutes but only cultured people can talk about shoes for the same amount of time... Read More

The Must-Have Kaftans

Preparations for the Holly month of Ramadan start quite early in Dubai with the major retailers and Etailers creating special Ramadan exhibi... Read More

Women in Style- Amal Clooney

A woman of character, a woman with a big heart and a constant humanitarian, Amal née Alamuddin Clooney is an inspiration. But today, afte... Read More

Meghan’s Wedding Dress

Today we witness one of the most exciting events of the year and maybe the last royal wedding we will see in the next 20-30 years. The Ameri... Read More

Symphony 2.0

Stroll down the new Fashion Avenue at The Dubai Mall and you will be taken by the grand scale luxury stores that have re-opened into the largest boutiques in the world. One of them is the newly revamped Symphony luxury concept store, that has opened a two-floor location with a new addition; the T... Read More

Fashion and Religion – Centuries Long Affair

  The Met Gala might have been last Monday, but we’re not done talking about it just yet! Besides the red carpet looks that we’ve already reviewed, we wanted to dig deeper into this year’s theme. One that sparked quite some controversy when announced, and you should know by now; we love a go... Read More


Anna Wintour took us to church this year, but despite her most significant efforts of underlining the importance of the dress code clearly stated in the invitation wear your  “Sunday Best,” some guests chose to ignore it. Sunday is usually the day Catholics like to dress up and show off their style ... Read More

Jewelry focus – Retrouvai

If you are an avid fan of heirloom jewelry, chances are you have already heard of Retrouvai (pronounces Reh Tru Vaiye) but for those who haven’t, Book F27 is pl... Read More

Style Crush – Barbara Martelo

“What would Barbara Martelo wear” or “WWBMW” is a phrase I tell myself every morning while starring at my overcrowded closets. Barbara Martelo who first star... Read More


This summer is all about white lace, crochet tops and daydreaming of undiscovered places around the city. Photography by Ziga Mihelcic / The Factory Styli... Read More

Net-a-porter vs High Jewellery

Attention please, we have a sparkly announcement (and you're going to love it). One of our favourite online retailer will be launching a dedica... Read More

Haider’s Aesthetics

He’s 47 years old and has established an empire; he’s well known and appreciated within the tight circle of fashion enthusiasts and he likes that way; he’s no o... Read More

The Power of Influencers: Part Two

The fashion industry has often been synonymous with the glitz and the glam. For a long time, conservatives often considered people working in fashion not to hav... Read More

The Invasion of Sportswear

The luxury sector in fashion has been dead for a few years now. It is common knowledge that brands have been surviving for the longest time of their accesso... Read More

The Power of Influencers: Part One

Fifteen years ago, Kathryn Finney launched the very first fashion blog: "The Budget Fashionista" has a hobby. Later on that year, she was invited to attend ... Read More

The Future of Lanvin

  Two days ago, Derek Blasberg tried to give us a break down of who’s creatively in charge of which brand while hosting the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards, let... Read More

Hello Coco Beach & Coco Neige

Oh Chanel, just when we thought you couldn't get any better, you launch your very own swimwear and snow range. Give a warm welcome to Coco Beach and Coco Neige ... Read More

The Khaleeji Trend

The Fashion Industry has always been influenced by events that happen around the world. From festivals to political movements, creative directors have always us... Read More