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Fendi Policromia

Have you ever wanted to create your unique watch? To create your unique piece is possible with the new Fendi’s Policromia watch collection and it’s not only a dream or an experience for a small selected group of people.

The exclusive Ropicromia timepiece is designed by the famous jewellery designer Delfina Delettress, daughter of Silvia Fendi, who created a watch that can be customised by the Fendi’s customers based on their individual taste.

The special about Policromia is that you can choose between a huge variety of noble materials, mother of pearl, genuine stones and gems. Not only that you can personally select the unique combination of the baguette but also can choose from a different colours alligator leather strap that makes the watch unique. The exclusive thing about the Fendi’s Policromia is that you can have more than a 100 000 made-to-order combinations and ones you choose your unique combination Fendi will make sure no one else in the world will repeat your combination. That is what we call exclusive.