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Find Your Luck with Van Cleef & Arpels

The big five o… no matter your age or state of mind, we all know that half a century is something to celebrate and for most of us it should be done in the most grandiose way. But for a brand, what better way to celebrate that kind of milestone, then by revisiting the past and the most impressive times of its history. The French luxury brand Van Cleef and Arpels decided to celebrate the 50 years of the iconic Alhambra design by creating new pieces that would be great additions to the already timeless collection.The celebration takes place on their website via a video that is cleverly done but most of all fun and easy to watch. The customer is greeted by flying umbrellas followed by the four leaf clover and just like that we enter the Van Cleef world by having in mind that it will all be about “celebrating luck” since 1968! The short animated video is the journey of the green leaf turned into butterfly taking us through the newest additions of the Alhambra family. “Timeless is the style of the Maison” but finding luck with the French brand can be done in just under two minutes. Our first second of introduction is the gold and malachite charm bracelet followed by the 3 motifs pendant earrings of the same material. Then the butterfly takes us through bamboo trees for our encounter with the onyx division of the collection, and just with a quick glimpse, we get to see stud earrings on rocks, a one motif necklace, and a ring.Quickly enough we dive into the ocean, the butterfly calls on a red fish, which for the Van Cleef loyal customer is a perfect indicator that we’re about to see some Cornelian masterpiece. The video is a fantasy land of every girl’s dreams, as soon after we’re greeted by standing corals with the gold and mother of pearl two motifs in between the finger ring, (which we can honestly say should be in every girl must-have for a good statement jewelry piece). The butterfly has a short exchange with a grey cat casually seating on a tree with yellow eyes, a proper interpretation of the new Alhambra stone, the Tiger’s eyes! A beautiful pink gold multi motifs necklace takes center screen and all of sudden, its matching pieces such as the two motif earrings filled with diamonds and plain gold and diamond ring hang of branches. Finally, the butterfly’s journey makes sense as passing through the same umbrella’s it flies to see his very own, and we get to look at a white gold pendant with blue butterflies. The video ends like it started and we’re welcomed to discover the entire collection, by two Alhambra white gold and diamond earrings that stand out from the green four-leaf clover garden.The short film was the perfect way for the brand to showcase to its customer why they choose Van Cleef over anything else. It’s their spirit of creativity and love of nature that keeps us coming back, but most importantly because they’ve been around since 1906! As stated above, the collection is a combination of different materials such as letterwood, chalcedony, and gold just to name a few. Customers can find pieces from rings, watches, to 20 motifs necklaces. If we had to choose an item from each material, it would definitely be the 3 motifs malachite earrings with yellow gold, the white gold, and diamond between the finger ring, the 16 motifs letterwood necklace, and we love everything gold so we can’t pick one, #sorrynotsorry! The Onyx section was also tough to choose just one, but the yellow gold 20 motifs pendant is a literal jewel! And the long white gold necklace with diamond and onyx is to die for and can be styled in two different ways. The mother of pearl division had the most exciting piece, a delicate bracelet-watch with 7 motifs with a mix of onyx and yellow gold. It’s precisely what one should wear when they don’t want to bother wearing a watch. Last but not least, our favorite piece from the entire collection is the 3 motifs necklace with three additional motifs hanging from outside; this piece is a combination of chalcedony, white and grey mother of pearl and white gold. The necklace looks like pendulums of a clock that can create “A magical dance” as stated by Van Cleef.

The entire collection can be found in all Van Cleef & Arpels stores worldwide!

By Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre