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Get Involved

If volunteering has ever crossed your mind but your busy schedule has always had priority, (we are also guilty of the same) then take advantage of the shorter working hours and quieter weekends that make Ramadan a great time to explore the charitable side of Dubai and try something more meaningful and respectful towards the traditions of the holy month; we have put together the best 5 volunteering programs that you can join today.

First up is the amazing team at the Community Development Authority (CDA) with their Dubai Volunteering Program is an initiative to manage volunteering services in the UAE, with a special focus on the emirate of Dubai that you can join as a one of by simply registering on their website or app. this month the Youth Council of the Community Development Authority, have launched a volunteer program called #Suhoorhm. Every evening at 10:00 pm volunteers gather in Al Qouz to distribute Suhoor meals to labor workers and you can join in to support the community and uplift oneself with a sense of fulfillment

Next is the wonderful initiative named The Ramadan Sharing Fridges community that is licensed under the patronage of Emirates Red Crescent and IACAD. The initiative requires less time from your behalf as there are over 180 sharing fridges registered across the city, that you can fill up with sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, water, juices and more in order to provide to the less fortunate. (Shootout to all the influencers we have seen doing this!)

There is also Dubai Cares that has partnered with The Dubai Mall for a month-long activation event taking place at the mall and titled, 9-HIJRI. This activation is set to celebrate the common values between the Holy Month of Ramadan and the UAE’s founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Visitors and shoppers will be taken through 9 immersive zones spread across the mall, presenting an enriching experience with exhibits, interactive workshops and inspiring showcases of Islamic culture, religion, and heritage. The seventh Zone, “Giving”, embraces the value of generosity and features a school-shaped installation, which will be illuminated over the month with light bulbs available for purchase as donations. All funds raised will go towards funding girls education programs in the Middle East region.

And of course do not forget WaterAid, an entity under the umbrella of the “Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives Foundation”, that is primarily concerned with research and development as regards to water shortage solutions.

This is achieved by providing new and innovative technological solutions, such as solar-powered water desalination and filtration, for communities that suffer from scarcity and contamination of drinking water. The Foundation also supervises “The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Water Award”, an annual USD 1 million-dollar international award for research and development of new technologies and mechanisms to produce water using solar power.

And lastly is the Dar Al Ber society initiative that will collect your pre-loved clothes and give them a second life by giving them to those in need. The charity boxes are available at many locations like Tips and Toes as Rosemin Manji wonderfully pointed it out in her charity video and at Dar el Ber headquarters as well. Dar el Ber also accepts your unwanted medicines as long as they are sealed, unused and not expired. PS: you will need to drop off the medicines at their location.

Make the effort and get involved as you still have 2 weeks to spare some of your time, energy, belongings or cash and we highly recommend any of these charity outlets as their main goal is to make our world better and more joyous by helping those in need.