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Good things happen
to babes that tan

Babe is the keyword in Elle Ferguson’s world; the Byron Bay influencer turned businesswoman has just launched the Elle Effect, a lightweight, velvety mousse that she formulated and made in California specifically for her Babes. And of course, we had to try it and report back.

Elle says that she always gets asked if her tan is real, and her answer is “No, It’s the Elle Effect”. A perfect golden tan without the harmful effects of the sun and on the plus side it smells like roses; it really does, we guarantee it!

The bottle is of one shade however it’s the number of applications that will give you a deeper tan: one application would give you a Bondi beach tan, two applications and think of the tan you get by the pool in LA, three applications and you’ll look like you’ve spent a week in the Bahamas or Kite Beach Dubai as far as we’re concerned.

The mousse tan is very easy to apply; I personally have never tried this before (given that I live in Dubai) but I found it to be very intuitive. Get the Elle Effect Mitt and rob the mousse on your body and leave it for 6 to 8 hours for the maximum result then step into the shower. It gives you a perfect golden glow from the first trial and the best part is that you can control the depth of your tan by just adding layers and that it does not stain your clothes.

The tan will last from 5 to 7 days and guess what; you can also use it on your face, yes your Face!

Elle is very vocal about her product and about the clean ingredients used in it so for a recap: The Elle Effect works perfectly, smells like a fresh garden rose and is very easy to apply.

Grab your bottle from and remember that “the Effect comes from within but that a little glow goes a long way”.

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