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Haider’s Aesthetics

He’s 47 years old and has established an empire; he’s well known and appreciated within the tight circle of fashion enthusiasts and he likes that way; he’s no other than Haider Ackerman.The designer shuns the limelight and prefers to go unnoticed in order to gain more freedom in pushing his creations further; a look of austere masculine aesthetics.

Haider was born in Bogota Colombia, and was later adopted by a French family and moved to Africa, France, and the Netherlands following his adoptive father; all that travel opened up his imagination and his love for fabrics and draping.

Armed with his passion he studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp at the age of 24, a major that he never finished as he dropped out and started working with big names in the industry like John Galliano.

It is during that time that he discovered the lack of draping and interesting fabrics and shapes within the industry and realized that he wanted to leave his own footprint, so he created his namesake in 2002; a label full of wrapped forms and elaborate designs aesthetics and an exquisite sensitivity to color.

He is a natural, he never overthinks or creates themes; Haider starts with choosing a story or one word that makes his designs happen instantly, they are within him and he is able to bring them out in the most ingenious way.

We all know that his attenuated silhouettes are his trademark and make each and every piece recognizably Haider-ish and he applied the same principle when he started creating menswear in 2013 after wondering who was the man behind the Ackerman woman.

Sixteen years later and he is still one of the most approached designers to head up prominent design houses like Dior, Chanel, Margiela… he currently is the creative director of Berlutti since he was appointed in 2016 by LVMH.

Haider is a rare gem in today’s world, he is all about his work and less about the trends and fads that surround the fashion industry, he is a pioneer of shape and color mixing from whom we hope to see a lot more for a very long time.