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Hang your Birkin

We live in a world obsessed with the image. What we look like, what our clothes look like, houses, cars..

There are so many ways to describe a Birkin bag – art, luxury item, investment. No matter how you feel about the “Holy Grail” of all the fashionistas, for Nick Veasey, the Birkin bag is certainly a piece of art.

The art photographer describes his vision and idea behind his art pretty well himself.

“We live in a world obsessed with image. What we look like, what our clothes look like, houses, cars… I like to counter this obsession with superficial appearance by using x-rays to strip back the layers and show what it is like under the surface. Often the integral beauty adds intrigue to the familiar. We all make assumptions based on the external visual aspects of what surrounds us and what we are attracted to people and forms that are aesthetically pleasing. I like to challenge this automatic way that reacts to just physical appearance by highlighting the, often surprising, inner beauty.”

In his search for inner beauty, Nick Veasey creates a series of x-ray photographies of ordinary objects. Separated in a few art series Veasey focus on machines, people, motorcycles, and fashion. In his fashion series, the photographer shows us different iconic fashion objects shot in his unique x-ray style – a Lanvin dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, Chanel 2.55 bag, Hermes Birkin Bag.

We believe in the high quality of every fashion product and in a way Veasey has the same philosophy. Sometimes the inner beauty is way more important than the look we present to the world. The high quality and the luxury is in the details that are hidden from the eyes, not in the flashy surface of high fashion products.

“We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, that beauty is more than skin-deep. By revealing the inside, the quintessential element of my art speculates upon what the manufactured and the natural world really consists of”.

More of Nick Vasey work you can find here.

The Birkin photography is available for purchase here.