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Through Thick & Thin


From the harsh chemicals in the water we shower in daily to the warm, humid weather, Dubai residents are facing an increase in hair loss, thinning and balding. While this is nothing new, it’s an issue that many of us have fallen victim to and despite decades of research, there seemed to be no real saviour. Until now. Enter Harklinikken, a Danish-born brand that has helped over 70,000 people over 20 years not only substantially decrease the level of hair loss but actually reverse it.


Founder Lars Skjoth has used his miracle blend, that contains a plant-based ‘Extract’ made with root-based proteins and fatty acids to discreetly cure royals and high-profile celebrities for hair loss. The treatment is tailor-made to suit the clientele’s climate and location, keeping in mind the variations in minerals in local tap water. While the treatment has worked wonders on people who have tried it (trust us when we say the before and after photos are beyond persuasive), it’s important to note that it will take time to see substantial results. People have reported a wider density of hair growth after 3 months however the real results will be seen after six months to a year. You will also see follicles that may have been dormant start to come back to life. But the key is dedication. If you stop along the way, you will notice the entire procedure will come to a halt. The clinic prides itself on using products that are strictly free from artificial colours, perfumes, paragons and petrochemicals so consider this a non-invasive method that actually works.The flagship clinic is in Denmark, however, you can now find the hair clinic in Dubai on Jumeirah Beach Road.

Text by Sarah Jimaa