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Heel-Trainer-Hybrid by DSquared2

Ever since fashion powerhouses like Chanel and Dior designed a flurry of bulky trainers, the humble shoe’s style status sky rocketed.

From the good, the bad and the plain ugly, we thought we’d seen it all. Until now. Say hello to the heel-trainer hybrid by Dsquared2 that descended down the runway at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019. It features fluorescent hued straps, buckles and a chunky heel that are sure to make a statement, to say the least.

The Italian brand announced on Instagram after the show that they’ve aptly named the shoe,”The Giant Heels” and that they are available in an array of different colors and styles from block heels to more traditional heeled trainers. The latter may be an appropriate choice for those wanting to ease into the trend.

Aesthetically speaking, they may be a little hard to digest at first but we’re rather sure the fashion pack will give them a go.

While this trend is now flourishing, it isn’t the first time we’ve encountered a shoe that has us in awe. The house of Balenciaga’s Pierre Hardy designed the Lego Heel a few years back that was famously donned by Beyoncé. “Was it a bit too much? I don’t think people nowadays are ready to wear them in their everyday life,” said Hardy of his creation. “It’s too different. People like fun, sexy and glamorous shoes but not adventurous shoes.” While that may have been the case, it certainly hasn’t stopped designers from creating even more scandalous footwear.

We think the best way to style these is by keeping everything else understated to create a harmonious balance. Try black ankle length crepe trousers and a crisp white tee. Good luck!

By Sarah Jimaa