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Jewelry focus – Retrouvai

If you are an avid fan of heirloom jewelry, chances are you have already heard of Retrouvai (pronounces Reh Tru Vaiye) but for those who haven’t, Book F27 is pleased to make you discover the brand that has been blowing your Instagram feed.

Created by Toronto-born, LA-based designer Kirsty Stone who has a Bachelor of Commerce from the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University and who after a successful career with an architecture firm, decided to pursue her lifelong passion for jewelry making by launching her own label in 2016.

Kirsty ‘s attraction to jewelry began at a young age thanks to both of her grandmothers; one grandmother worked for a costume house and the Hudson’s Bay Company and the other was a collector of semi-precious gemstones and amber, and they both instilled a passion of beautiful objects deep within her.

That passion turned into Retrouvai, (the name is derived from the French word ‘Retrouvailles’ which means the joy in reconnecting with someone from your past) a brand of 14k gold pieces of heirlooms, talismans and nostalgic jewelry that can speak a thousand words.

The philosophy behind it is that a jewelry box is a woman’s personal manifestation; it contains the stories women tell of their most treasured jewelry, and the impact family heirlooms have when they are passed down through generations. Kristy has reworked the pieces to create a perfect balance of old and new; modern heirlooms crafted from gold, pearls, diamonds, vivid colored stones and black onyx.

Discover some of her best-selling pieces like the rotating Grandfather Compass pendant necklaces and the fantasy signet rings on

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