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Karl Lagerfeld Launches Beauty Range

Beauty aficionados brace yourselves because there’s a brand new makeup collection is coming to town. And not just any old range, but one crafted by the legend that is Karl Lagerfeld. Give a warm welcome to Kiss Me Karl. A collection of 50 pieces that include Choupette-inspired eyeshadow palettes, 15 luscious lip glosses and wait for it, lipsticks with a built-in LED light. Did you really expect anything less?

“This collection is done for people of any age who might like it—also young people who know more about makeup than all of us,” said the mastermind. The designer has dabbled in cosmetics in the past, but this launch, in collaboration with ModelCo, is much larger and Lagerfeld has been more involved than ever before. “I had never done such a complete (makeup) collection before.”
We should warn you though, the collection is ultra-exclusive and is meant to be a collectors edition. In other words, once it sells out, it’s gone.

In an Instagram video, ModelCo posted a little teaser of the extensive range that got everybody’s beauty radar buzzing, including ours. We fully intend on seeing what all the fuss is about so watch this space.
By Sarah Jimaa