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Haus Beauty

It was Kylie Jenner who started with Kylie Cosmetics, then Kim Kardashian launched KKW Beauty and Rihanna – Fenti Beauty. Jeniffer Lopez followed them with a collaboration she did this year with Inglot.

Lady Gaga is next on the list with the mega-stars who launched their own beauty brands and why not. She has a massive following, many fans across the globe for whom she is an inspiration and style icon and to be honest we kinda like the idea.

A few days ago the singer and songwriter registered the brand “Haus Beauty” under her company Ate My Heart Inc. (Such a cool company name) and the product range will include eye shadows, lip glosses, lipsticks, eye pencils, lip pencils, foundations, blush, eyeliner, fragrances, facial cleansers, toner, scrubs, moisturizer, hand cream, masks, highlighter, bronzer, body scrubs, body oil, face wipes, sunscreen, self-tanners, essential oils, nail polish, cosmetic wipes, body masks and a lot more. That’s what we call a product range.

We know that Gaga is not the first celebrity to start a venture of the multi-billion beauty industry but we are quite excited. Knowing the singer we are expecting something bold and colourful, quite different from the settle tones and palettes the rest of her celebrity colleagues are focusing on.

So far we don’t know the release date but for sure we will hear from the pop star soon.