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L’Oreal x Valentino – The New Beauty Venture

Attention, beauty lovers: L’Oreal and Valentino have announced a jointed partnership, a beauty line venture set to be released on January 1st, 2019! According to the Italian fashion house, it will appeal to millennials as their thinking about expanding their range of beauty products to a more mass-market audience. A good move on their part, if we may add, as we’re not sure of how appealing Valentino is to that demographic. As exciting as this project is, that’s these two giants are coming together, for us, it’s just another day and another brand trying to dive into the Beauty pool! It’s a business that everyone wants a piece of, and we’re not complaining…but for us, it will all come down to the quality of the product, the inclusivity for all skin tones and innovation. With the number of brands and beauty lines out there, we can’t really think of something we don’t have so we’re hoping they’ll knock it out of the park and wow us.

It is said that L’Oreal will officially create, develop and distribute Valentino’s new beauty line and fragrance. And yes, one can’t forget the perfumes! Nowadays besides makeup, and surprisingly, lately this is the one cosmetic product that has been selling a lot more than before! Get ready and start saving for your BFF’s new year’s gift because as of a couple of months, we’ll all have a whole new beauty line to explore and if it has even slight similarities to Valentino’s runway looks, we’ll be first in line!

By Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre