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Louis Vuitton Objet Nomades 2018

Louis Vuitton is a brand that needs no introduction at all! Initially notorious for their trunks and travel line, Louis Vuitton is a French brand synonymous with luxury and exceptional craftsmanship. As we all know their products range from suitcases, handbags, scarfs, keychains and as of 2016, perfume. Under the era of Marc Jacobs, the brand had significant collaborations with Japanese artists such as Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama, and over the years the tradition has continued, and now  Jeff Koons and Supreme are the most talked about collaborations.

However, a partnership that’s under the radar, at least for those who don’t follow the French brand to the t, is the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and world-renowned designers for their home line. The Objets Nomades collection is a home decor line, launched in 2012 and which is of course, travel-inspired, something that is of the core values of the brand. For the past six years the collection has been presented at the Palazzo Bocconi in Milan, during the city’s most important week, Salone del Mobile which attracts approximately 300 to 400 thousand guests each year. This year they also presented an exclusive preview of the “Les Petits Nomades” collection “a creative, elegant and poetic line of decor objects.” And we were in attendance, as it was the talk of the town amongst, design experts.

As we stepped foot into the event, we were immediately immersed in the Louis Vuitton world: different sizes of LV trunks were nicely placed in a corner, and the reception area had decorative leather flowers signed LV.  The walls next to the stairs that would lead up to the main room had vintage traveling posters made by Louis Vuitton. Right after the first flight of stairs, hanging from the ceiling was the “Spiral Lamp” by Atelier Oi in vibrant colors. The main room was set in a soft light atmosphere, 14 000 flowers in different shades of pink were hanging from the ceiling, these, however, were made in paper and took the brand about three to four days to be completed. The objects from Les Petits Nomades such has leather trays and bowls were placed on different tables. The next room, which we considered to have been a small dark path was filled with the “Bell Lamp” by Barber & Osgerby, but little did we know it was the entrance to the reveal of a gigantic mirror.

The event consisted of 8 different rooms, all decorated with items that have been in the collection before, but they’ve all had a revamp. The “Cocoon” chair and “Bomboca” sofa by the Campana brothers were now in pink leather instead of blue. We have to say the chair is the perfect element that would set your outdoor area apart from all others. The “Lounge Chair” by Marcel Wanders was white and brown and is probably one of the most versatile objects of the collection as it’s also foldable. But our favorite item out of all was the stool, now in white, gold and bronze signed at the bottom LV in gold. Discreet and luxurious, and it’s now on our main #Wishlist!

As the brand described on their website, “Each object is an encounter between a designer and Louis Vuitton’s creative artisans, a mixing of their different savoir-faire in an imaginative interpretation of the idea of travel.” As we walked around the different rooms, it was clear to us, that every single designer that collaborated for that collection, all 14 of them, had a real taste for true luxury, attention to detail but most importantly they were able to let the pieces speak for themselves. Sometimes, less is more, and when it comes to frill items, we think it’s the way to go. When describing one of his pieces for the collection Marcel Wonders mentioned that he had “aspire to beauty, (as) it’s a proof of power and promise to happiness.”  We couldn’t agree more with that statement, and as of now forget about the Louis Vuitton monogram bags and jackets, Louis Vuitton “Objets Nomades” collection is officially what we want in our homes.

By Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre