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Louis Vuitton & Supreme

The luxury giant Louis Vuitton and the streetwear brand Supreme started their fashion journey with a very supportive feedback from editors, media and all the fashionistas who love the French luxury house.

Most of the fashionistas around the world became obsessed with the collection and everyone – from editors to celebrities, was getting ready to fight for this red bomber jacket with the LV and Supreme logos.  The bad news was that the collection would be available only in a designated pop-up stores in the biggest cities around the world so this phone cases you were dreaming of being able to purchase are not so easy to get anymore.

We are not sure about the rest of the world, but the good news for all our Dubai friends are that part of the collection is available in The Dubai Mall brand’s store.

If you want to be modern and follow the latest fashion trends Louis Vuitton & Supreme collection is the one to help you achieve the desirable contemporary fashionista look.

Louis Vuitton & Supreme Collection is available in The Dubai Mall.