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Medkhan Design

Medkhans have always been a staple in every home in Dubai, embedded in the culture and tradition of the region, it is used on a daily basis by both men and women all day round.

They used to be of your typical crown shape in gold, an object of utility not of design until Kadi boutique and Saccal Design house gave them a make-over.

Let’s start with the Kadi Medkhan that became so famous, it now gets a new edition every Ramadan; with Medkhan Volume 3 just out we are grateful to finally be able to gift the perfect gift to our Suhoor hosts.

Made out of light colored wood and marble in cubic and cylindrical shape the Medkhan of 2018 becomes a small art piece that can serve as an object of decoration and desire, a vase as well as a censer; the most effective way to fill your home with the best scents.Up next is Saccal Design house’s censer; a marvellous centre-piece for your coffee table, a conversation starter, a true object of art. Shaped as a pierced dome made out of black or white marble on a metal golden holder; the censer is simply divine. And how about the fruit of the collaboration between Saccal and Kadi? The ground-breaking Medkhan Volume 2; an object of desire for many. Made in limited quantities, it sold out so fast that they had to reproduce them a week later.

Designed as a perfect square of dark marble, shaped in thin square pieces to form a large one, the medkhan rests on an oak holder that boosts the scents once in use.Stock up on these useful beauties before they sell-out and pair them with Bakhour from Villa 515 to become the perfect guest everyone wants to invite during Ramadan.