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Anna Wintour took us to church this year, but despite her most significant efforts of underlining the importance of the dress code clearly stated in the invitation wear your  “Sunday Best,” some guests chose to ignore it. Sunday is usually the day Catholics like to dress up and show off their style when going to church so in our humble opinion Anna couldn’t have been more clear.

Although a lot of the looks, were so good they could have converted a few peeps, or encourage some to go back to church some celebrities missed the mark. Thank God Andre Leon Talley, Beyonce and Lady Gaga showed up as the holy trinity, that’s the only reason why we’re not going to emphasize too much on the worst looks. Seriously, Beyonce and Lady Gaga would have put everyone else’s look to shame. But since we could have gone through the night without seeing some looks we have to discuss why they were on our: get a stylist list!  I mean, honestly,  if you’re going to offend the holy institution of the Vatican: Stay Home!

1- Amal Clooney, we want you to know, the extra floral print didn’t look good on Kim K when she tried it, and it certainly didn’t do your beauty justice either. Even with those pants under, it looked like this mid-ball gown was wearing you and not the other way around. That look was horrific; we don’t know what to say. Amal might have been one of the co-chairs this year, but it seemed she didn’t get the memo of her own event? What was the look suppose to represent when it came to religion? Maybe she was trying to refer to mother nature and the fact that’s it’s finally spring in NY..yup #groundbreaking

2- Sarah Jessica Parker wore a complete gold head-to-toe outfit by Dolce & Gabbana. We thought this theme was right up the Italian designer’s alley, given the fact that they always seem to place the “Madonna” everywhere, but we were wrong. Even Moschino did a better job, and yes it’s still Moschino by Jeremy Scott. Sarah, as a celebrity that has made a name for herself as a fashion icon, we have one question for you: may you always disappoint!?

3- Tracee Ellis Ross chose pink! We know, Janelle Monae who looked total badass, by the way, may want to paint the city pink, but by no means would anyone approve of that all bright pink look. And that 50’s inspired hairstyle… a total mess! We know how much you love fashion Tracee, but for us, this one was a no-no. Last year’s look was so on point we still remember it, maybe you should stick with Comme des Garcons every Met Ball! In the name of fashion, we know you can do it, Tracee!

4- Kerry Washington…oh Kery. What happened? As much as we love you and are extremely sad by Scandal being over, we have must finally admit it to ourselves…getting dressed up for the Met, is just not your forte! You should go back to that Scandal set and take everything that belonged to Olivia Pope, that woman had some serious style.

5-  For someone who had older sisters in an all-girl Catholic school, one would think Kendall Jenner would know what to wear to a church inspired outing. We can’t blame the designer this time around. Virgil looked like a grown-up church boy, and he managed to give us a preview of what his Louis Vuitton Homme would look like. And Michael B Jordan was also dressed in Off-White but was wearing the brand’s first two-piece suit. So this is entirely on Kendall, sorry girl but your look was off! Maybe Kendall wanted to dress up as the cool-kid in church, but unfortunately, the only one who can pull that off is Jaden Smith not to mention that Kendall’s outfit was a clear reminder of Kim’s last year Met outfit. Yawn

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6- Nicki Minaj, we only have one thing to say to you. When in doubt, don’t ever wear red…EVER! The headpiece also didn’t help you!! Would anyone else agree that the rapper looked like a total confused sinner while making an Oscar de La Renta gown look bad?

7- As the enormous wings entered the red carpet last night, we were sure a couture angel had fallen from the sky…until she turned around and we saw a very short dress that should have been long and gold cowboy boots that were way too high. We’re sure Donatella didn’t intend for Katy Perry to look bad. But maybe she decided that only one person could work a short skirt and thigh boots that night, and yes that was her, and she won! Next time Katy,  ask Law Roach for help he does miracles.

8- The YSL tribe. Yup! We love all of these ladies, but unfortunately, we can’t say the same for their outfits. Kate Moss hasn’t been at the Met ball in 10 years, and Antony Vaccarello decided to put her in that neck feather mini black dress. So blah so bad! What a missed opportunity… Antony, that was your chance to prove us all wrong, but then you put Zoe in a one-sleeve lace dress, both elements are so 2008, yalla keep up, you’re the head of YSL now, you’re should be creating trends! Thankfully, Amber Valletta saved the trio since she looked great as anything on that woman does, but it reminded us of a past Lanvin dress, sigh.

By Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre