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Opulent Earrings

Bold, baroque, golden, extra-large, embellished, semi-precious, hand-crafted, unique, intricate and bold are some of the characteristic of this season’s most wanted earrings. Well in contrast with the past trend of sleek, minimal and modern; big opulent earrings are back.

It all started with the return of the HOOP, brought back from the 80’s in all sizes and it continues today in the earrings masterpieces by Christie Nicolaides, Sylvie Toledano, and Ben Amun.

These designers create bold, raw and handcrafted pieces made by skilled artisans, with designs influenced by the Mediterranean and Byzantine Heritage, antique and vintage jewelry.

They all have pieces featuring colorful semi-precious stones, pearls, glass, enamel made with plated, hammered, brass that resemble rich Renaissance pieces with modern and trendy themes.Our Coup-de-Coeur from Christie Nicolaides the Greek-Australian designer is her most recent La Fontelina collection with a fresh summer theme filled with starfish, crabs, sailing boats, seashells made in gold plates brass inlaid with costume pearl and semi-precious stones bringing back vintage classic Chanel memories.Sylvie Toledano, is also riding the Byzantine train with a whole collection revolving around intricate work of handcrafted brass inlaid with semi-precious stones in the shape of large hoops or the all-seeing eye thus adding a bohemian feel and giving them a modern atout.

The French designer uses Labradorites, Lapis Lazuli, Cornaline, Oeil de Tigre and black Quartz Noir to create her magical pieces.Isaac Menvitz the designer behind Ben Amun creates his pieces in New York and is a member of the CFDA. His pieces are a mix of future trends with antique charm; think Roman high-society lady in the years 500.

Adorned with plenty of stones, gold plated brass, pearls, and Swarovski crystals; the earrings become classic, modern yet timeless. The pieces never fail to impress and grab the attention of everyone.