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Oud Ispahan



The enchanting encounter between the woody strength of Oud and the power of Labdanum Absolute, tempered by Damascus Rose. This fragrance captures the Orient.

François Demachy

Inspired by the mysterious Orient, Oud Ispahan is a perfume that tells you a story. A story for long nights out, a desert camp, of a rose blossom and a burning oud. A story of a woman, passionate about life. A woman, that dances in the sand under the music of an oud, dreaming about unexplored exotic worlds and love. Love strong as the smell of a drop of oud and beautiful as a red rose.
Oud Ispahan by Christian Dior is a perfume that takes you to new unexplored worlds and makes you dream. Dream for what is out there, dream for the new, of the mystery, of a love story.
Created by Francois Demachy Oud Ispahan is one of the perfumes that you need to feel, explore and experience. The blend of oud and Labdanum Absolute creates a fragrance to remember.
Because a drop of perfume can create a story to remember.
Oud Ispahan is available in Dior boutiques and Paris Gallery
250 ml, 1500 aed