Panthère – BookF27


Ever since Louis-Francois Cartier founded the brand in 1847, the luxury Parisian Maison quickly became synonymous with poise, elegance and style. And its Panthère De Cartier watch is no exception. Since its debut, the timepiece gained a cult following by a glamorous 1980s clientele including iconic stars Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor to name only a few.

Last year the watch was re-launched with a familiar yet slightly revamped version. It is now more waterproof and the bracelet is stronger, however, the design remains bold, classic and utterly refined. The dial is enclosed in a square steel bezel with rounded corners and exposed screws, evoking Cartier’s effortless aesthetic that we all know and love. It is still considered a hybrid; designed as a piece of jewellery that also tells the time.

When it first launched it was named Santos D but soon after it changed to √, inspired by the supple articulate link bracelet, mimicking the fluid movement of a panther in a jungle. The watch comes in small (22cm) and medium (27mm) sizes in rose gold, yellow gold, steel and two-tone. Watch out for the limited edition ones though as they are breathtaking and have become a massive hit amongst the regions’ style set.

Available at Cartier stores.

Text by Sarah Jimaa