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PRADA’s Glamour

We’ve seen in the movies, read about it in the books, seen in on the pages of the glossy magazines but we’ve never thought we can pull it off till now.

There is something so fabulous, sexy and forbidden in a shoe trimmed with a marabou that makes us want this Prada slippers so badly. We grew up seeing it in the American movies from the 50s, so glamorous, on these blonde movie icons wearing a shoe with kitten heels and pink feathers with satin robes and a hair so high we couldn’t be at least a bit jealous. And at the moment we saw this Prada 50s inspired slippers with mint or pink fur we knew we want it.

Because it will match so well with our gold taffeta kaftans and because everyone needs a bit of a glamor in their lives.

Available in two colors in Prada’s stores in Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.