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Resort 2019 – The Must-See Collections – Part 2

Ten years ago, Resort collections were mostly offered by European brands like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. But nowadays having a luxury brand that belongs to a fashion group like LVMH or Kering means that the person at the helm needs to do more than just design but instead create an image that will generate sales, otherwise… well, they’ll get fired and replaced real quick, no wonder the fashion musical chair has been hard to keep up with! Fashion more than ever has become a business, and creative directors have to bring into existence clothes that will make a ton of profit instead of making people dream. Showcasing two collections per year no longer exists and as a result, designers have to create on average of four to five collections yearly.

On a positive note, for the fashion lovers Resort collections are an absolute dream! Getting new clothes for a vacation or just for a new season is always a good feeling and them being runway pieces is a plus of course.


Miuccia Prada brought Italy to the center of New York: Manhattan! Not one to follow trends, but instead, someone who walks, in this case, designs to the beat of her own drums, this collection made us a bit uneasy, we just can’t seem to decide if it’s really bad or just innovative. The first looks were simple but sharp, a bit New Yorker if we may add but it quickly took a turn into an adventure of prints and proportion experiment. Total looks of leather were seen, and we’re not sure who would wear as is, no matter the country you live in. The dropped waist and the bright colors seem to be a trend this season, and we just hope, stylists will be extra careful because these looks aren’t for just anyone! As we visibly weren’t big fans of this collection, we have to say that the signature Prada prints really caught our attention and if you want to make a buzzing statement, the pantsuits are definitely for you! It seems that they’re also becoming a trend, could it be that more and more women are making their voices heard, and it’s a way for fashion to allow them to dress the part?!


First, we want to applaud Clare for the diversity in the casting for this lookbook. Inspired by Japan, the look of the collection is quite alternative. What used to be a brand about showing skin and fitted clothes has turned into precise tailoring, shoulder pads, and vibrant colors. We’ll always love Riccardo Tisci, but there’s nothing like a woman designing for women, and with Clare at the wheel, Givenchy is clearly on a new path, taking new directions, and we love it! This resort collection marks Clare’s sixth collection and slowly but surely the brand is building a new image that’s bold, effortlessly cool but most importantly fun. The Japanese style influence was evident from the set to the outfits, we loved the mix of hard and soft, minimal and extravagant, neutral and bright. Casual meet fancy with the brown asymmetric paillette dress and white pants. Color blocking was done right, and we honestly have nothing negative to say about this collection, it’s all love! We can’t get the accessories of our minds, especially the white leather shoes and boots. Those boots in every color are EVERYTHING…Must Must Must have them! They are guaranteed to give you an overload of confidence with ANY outfit. The fluidity of the metallic dress is an absolute dream, and although it’s not fit for just any type of occasion this a dress that you can definitely wear throughout the year, no matter the season.


Last year the German brand which usually shows their collection in Milan appointed new designers last year. Now their seventh presentation, we have to say that the brand has become what we would like to call “Minimal Avant-Garde.” Minimal colors, but complicated shapes. If you’re not that type of gal, then this Resort 2019 collection isn’t for you, but if you’re in need of neutral colors and essentials, the Meier designers got your back. Oversized silhouettes, dropped waistline, additional fitted pieces such as corset belts and crop tops were the cuts that we were particularly drawn to but most of all the extremely well-tailored pieces. The mannish blue striped shirts were oddly something that can be styled very quickly especially with the right jewelry. We loved the different shades of camel pieces specifically when it came to the coats. For a collection that almost had nothing to no color we could have done without the sixteen and nineteen look as they were major thrown offs. That being said, pulling off a simple outfit while looking good and put together is never easy and that Jil Sander collection is proof that it can be done right. The duo also showed us that sometimes monograms won’t do, but instead, a simple brand name on coats will work.

By Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre