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Inspired by the gold and copper shades of the desert’s sunset we invited the makeup artist Aurimas Juodiskis AJ to create three Arabian dazzling looks.


Book f27: Hello AJ, we invited you to create 3 Arabian looks for us. Tell us more about your inspiration behind the makeup you did.

Aurimas Juodiskis AJ: I was thinking more about the colors of the desert. With my work, I traveled to different corners of UAE, and I witness how desert changes in very Emirate, color and even texture of the sand is different. I love all the shades of gold, copper, and bronze you can enjoy in the desert especially during the sunset. I wanted to create looks inspired by that and to show traditional Arabian beauty in a very modern and contemporary way.

f27: What are yours “A must have” products when becomes to Arabian beauty and bold eye makeup?

Aurimas Juodiskis AJ: In this region, women like to wear makeup, so I wold say that most important thing is to take good care of your skin. Having in mind that climate in this region sometimes is extremely hot, the skin needs a little extra. In terms of makeup, of course, the eyeliner or the eye pencil are a must, the good mascara. For eyeliner, I would recommend power liquid liner ICONIC BLACK by GUCCI. The mascara  I love to use is Masterpiece Max by MAX FACTOR. A hint of gold eyes shadow and your eyes are ready to mesmerize people around you. Oh yes, and a drop of oud, it will do magic.

f27: When becomes to gold, copper and bronze shades what are the tricks we need to know to make the colors pop and last longer?

Aurimas Juodiskis AJFor long-lasting eye makeup, the right base it’s a must. Many brands nowadays have to offer different eye makeup base so all you need to do it’s just to try and find the suitable one for your daily makeup routine. If you want some gold or copper shade to pop out,  you should do the last touch ups on the eyelids with the tips of your finger. I am in the beauty industry for more than 15 years and trust me – the finger it’s the best beauty brush.

Aurimas Juodiskis AJ is a professional makeup artist with more than fifteen years of experience. His work is published in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Grazia across the Gulf, Europe, and the USA.

Photography by Elena Luka

Make-Up designs by Aurimas Juodiskis AJ

Creative by Vasil Bozhilov

Co-Production by The Factory / Book f27

Model Julia K / Wilhelmina Dubai




Beauty Credits:

On the face: Foundation Lustrous Glow 050GUCCI FACE, highlighting Powder Camelia De Plumes – CHANEL and Phyto-Ombre Glow Eyeshadow – SISLEY, blush Sin – NARS, on the eyebrows Blackberry Eyeshadow – MAC, on the eyes: Taj Mahal – NARS, glitters MAKE UP FOR EVER, mascara Masterpiece Max – MAX FACTOR, on the lips: Instant Crash Lip Gloss – STOLEN KISS – NARS

On the face: Foundation Lustrous Glow 050GUCCI FACE, highlighting Powder Camelia De Plumes – CHANEL and Dual Intensity Eyeshadow RIGEL – NARS, blush Oasis – NARS, on the eyebrows Blackberry Eyeshadow – MAC, on the eyes: bronzer Laguna – NARS, pigment color powder TAN – MAC, power liquid liner ICONIC BLACK – GUCCI FACE, eyeshadow Night Clubbing Black with Pearls – NARS, mascara Masterpiece Max – MAX FACTOR, on the lips: Instant Crash Lip Gloss GREEK HOLIDAY – NARS

On the face: Foundation Lustrous Glow 050GUCCI FACE, highlighting Powder Camelia De Plumes – CHANEL and Satin Powder in Cinnamon shade – KRYOLAN, on the eyes: Metal Powder – MAKE UP FOR EVERPhyto-Ombre Glow Eyeshadow – SISLEY,  eyeliner Pro Longwear Fluidliner BLACKTRACK – MAC, eyeshadows HABANERA – MAC, mascara Masterpiece Max – MAX FACTOR, on the eyebrows Blackberry Eyeshadow – MAC, on the lips: BELIZE Instant Lip Gloss – NARS