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Scent of A Dream

“I have been mixing my own secret scent for years and have been fascinated by the idea that one’s perfume can attract others and also change the energy frequency of the people and environment around you.”
Understanding the power of attraction and Inspired by the idea that a perfume can change the energy around you and tells a story the makeup guru Charlotte Tilbury created “Scent of A Dream.” A perfume that combines top notes of lemon, peach, mandarin, bergamot, saffron and black pepper with an intoxicating floral heart of tuberose, violet, jasmine, patchouli, and incense.

We all know that a perfume can tells a story. A story of a childhood and the memory of a grandma baking a vanilla cake, the story of the first love, of a favorite place.

Perfumes have this power. Use it.