Scents of Arabia – BookF27

Scents of Arabia

Calaluna Eau De Perfume, BVLGARI Le Gemme High Perfumery Intensitive Aoud GOLD, Mancera Ambre Narguilé, Hermes Accord Oud, Byredo Oud Malaki, Chopard High Perfumery Oliver People, Byredo Damask Oud, Hugo Boss

Inspired by the middle eastern perfume tradition we selected some of the best international fragrances that tell us the stories of the Arabian nights, burning bakhur and the intense smell of the spicy oud oils.

Created to fit into the idea of a traditional Arabic perfume these fragrances are a must try for a night out in an old Dubai.

Photography by Ziga Mihelcic / The Factory

Selection by Vasil Bozhilov

Retouching by Jurij Grdadolnik

Production by The Factory