Plato says that the image of a snake eating its tails is the image of everlasting love.

More than 65 years ago an Italian company with a Greek heritage decided to look back into the history and inspired by the myths created one of the most iconic jewelry collections of all times – SERPENTI.

Established in Rome in 1884 by the Greek Sotirios Voulgaris BVLGARI is one of the most recognizable jewelry brand loved by many across the world. 50 years later Sotirio’s sons Giorgio and Constantino, who took over the brand decided to seek inspiration in their Greco-Roman roots and introduced SERPENTI to the world.

The snake

From the Greek myth of the Titan Ophion and the creation of the world to the Egyptian Ouroboros, the snake is part of the myths in every culture around the world. In both Roman and Greek cultures, the serpent is part of both daily life and religious celebrations of its people.

The image of the snake always been connected to the woman in myths and history. From the stories from Aphrodite who was wearing a bracelet in a shape of a snake and Medusa, one of the most famous ancient Greek Gorgons to Cleopatra and her obsession with the snakes to Elizabeth Taylor who was one of the biggest BVLGARI fans.

Worldwide fame

In 1960s Taylor helps a lot expanding the popularity of the SERPENTI jewelry which she used to love. One of the first images of her wearing a BVLGARI bracelet was from the set of the movie “Cleopatra” when we see her carrying an SERPENTI in yellow gold with diamonds. In the mid-1960s the brand introduced a little more color to the designs of the snake’s inspired collection using enamel and colorful gems, which helped recreate the beauty of the reptile better.

After opening their second store in NYC and introducing the colorful SERPENTI collection to an American public the New York socialites fall in love with the snake shaped jewelry. Andy Warhol was one of the most famous artist obsessed with BVLGARI describing the brand “an important museum of contemporary art.” Since then the SERPENTI was becoming more and more commonly seen in movies worn by many celebrities during the 70s.

Nowadays SERPENTI collection is one of the most iconic and recognizable jewelry collections with its designs and product range including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, watches and accessories inspired by the ancient myths of the snake and everlasting love.

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