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Silk Appeal

There are few things we can think of that embody timeless elegance like an Hermes scarf. Made up of only the finest silk, it’s no wonder it has firmly cemented its title as the most iconic scarf in fashion. It even has best-selling books dedicated to its luxurious designs.

From the brand’s traditional horse motifs to kaleidoscopic illustrations, each scarf is hand designed and made from the silk of 250 mulberry moth cocoons. Over the years there have been over 2000 unique designs. Each piece takes 18 months to complete, making it one of the world’s most desirable and meticulously-crafted accessory.

The scarf made its grand debut precisely 100 years after the French powerhouse was founded back in 1937 and has since graced the heads, decolettes and handbags of fashion darlings all over the world. After its release, it quickly gained a cult following amongst royals and celebrities alike. It was worn as a headscarf by Queen Elizabeth while Grace Kelly famously used it as a sling for her broken arm. Not to mention Audrey Hepburn who was also always photographed sporting it in numerous photos. It was clear from back then that the status symbol and allure behind this scarf was here to stay and so it has, decades on.

By Sarah Jimaa