The new Dior Hydra Life skincare products associate the freshness of a sorbet with colors recalling the Californian sun.


To meet skin’s essential needs every morning, Sorbet Creme is a concentrate of naturalness and efficiency, with a fresh texture. Enriched with extracts of mallow and haberlea leaves, it provides instant nourishment and fortifies the skin’s equilibrium day after day, helping to plump it, and make it more supple and full of life. For deep hydration, it should be used after Sorbet Water Essence, which combines the action of a serum, the toning effect of a lotion and the glow of a gentle peel.

To complete the action of this daily care routine, Dior Hydra Life offers three masks in sharp colors, sensorial experiences that act in three minutes to reboost skin according to its requirements: a burst of brightness from Glow Better with citrus fruits, which offers gentle exfoliating with its crushed apricot kernel micro-grains; a more beautiful, matte and unified complexion with Pores Away, pink clay and jojoba extract; or greater elasticity with Extra Plump, a veritable “superfood” cocktail with its blend of white pine oil and naturally repulping agents.

Lastly, the range offers an ultra-respectful transformation solution to purify the skin flora: Lotion to Foam Fresh Cleanser, with white tea and saponins. The skin becomes so naturally beautiful that you might well prefer it nude.