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Summer Arm Candy

With your Cult Gaia bag by your side, your Maison Michel canotier on your head and your Hunza G swimsuit on, you might think that you are ready to own the summer but you are still missing THE most stylish accessory of the season.

You are missing an arm stack of colorful bracelets that look like candy and Chiclets gum, created by jewelry designer Roxanne Assoulin.

Roxanne is not a novice, she has over 35 years of experience and has designed jewelry for brands like Oscar De La Renta, Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters amongst many others, she even had her own line for a while but it never reached its full potential.

This all changed in 2017 when Roxanne aged 61, was playing one afternoon with some old hand-enameled mosaics that she had laying around in her studio for almost 20 years; and the outcome was the creation of a couple of vibrant and colorful bracelets with a minimalist design that spells fun, uncomplicated, not precious, and in high demand by EVERYONE.Success was not instant; it took a whole year before the bracelets and her namesake Roxanne Assoulin reached fame. Her pieces unofficially debuted on Baja East’s spring 2016 runway but drew very little attention, then 5 months later, Leandra Medine the genius behind Man Repeller was visiting Rosie Assoulin (Roxanne’s daughter-in-law) and she fell in love with the bracelets, stacking up to 16 of them on her arm and posting an image on her Instagram account.

And just like that, Leandra had just launched the collection for Roxanne, who’s Instagram page blew up and her inbox was filled with demands from all over the world; Ah the power of Social Media! Fast forward to today, the bracelets and the new addition of necklaces and earrings are still simple and refreshingly basic and seen on everyone in all their rainbow, two-tone neutrals, and metallic colors.

And when we say everyone we mean it; people of all ages can wear her designs, from a kid to someone’s in their 70’s including major celebrities and models like Karlie Kloss, Eva Chen, Gigi Hadid amongst many others. Roxanne Assoulin defines her line as jewelry that makes you smile and it sure does, it reminds you of your childhood, of a fresh summer, and of happiness.

You can find her pieces on her website with bracelets starting at 75$ and chokers at 120$ so hurry up and be fully prepared for the summer.