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Summer Colors

Summer is well underway as our Instagram feed proves it. It’s blowing up with holiday pictures of friends and bloggers at the beach, working on their tan and enjoying the most delicious gelatos.

And even though you are still sitting in the office, surrounded by grey walls and robot-like colleagues, looking enviously at those pictures; we have found a way to bring the holiday vibe into your cubicle and to light up your mood.

Try on a pair of colorful sunglasses, take inspiration from SS18 catwalks with this exciting addition, of an all colored acetate frame and lenses. The trend accounts for one pastel color like a pink, a blue, a yellow or even a red to be on the wooden or plastic frame and on the lenses, propelling that same hue all over.

Gucci introduced the sci-fi look with their runway show; heart framed pink sunglasses, red rectangular frame glasses with inspirations from the 80’s covered in white crystals, pink and blue round-framed glasses with the same pastel hue that gives you major summer envy, I mean there is even a pair of pink rectangular framed glasses covered in pink heart-shaped crystals. Can you imagine wearing them in the office? They will immediately transport you to your dream locations, they will help you escape reality and for that reason alone we urge you to invest in a colorful pair.

Other brands joined in on the fun as well; Maison Margiela had them in blue plastic, Prada went for yellow, Chanel went for round glasses in fiery red, Dior went all out with yellow, orange and blue visors and MiuMiu went for a Cat-eye silhouette raspberry acetate with glitter inserts.

Take your pick as the selection is large but choose wisely as the pair of sunglasses will serve the purpose of taking you away to your favorite spot in the sun, enjoying the waves and collecting seashells.