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Summer Hair

Annesofie Begtrup is the girl with the short blonde hair obsessed with the natural beauty. Known for her contemporary taste she is the one who collaborates with brands as Chanel and Dior and we’ve seen her work on the pages of Elle and Vogue, as well as many others. As one of the top hairstylist in Dubai and clients as Deena Abdulaziz, ex-editor-in-chief of Vogue Arabia, we asked Annesofie a few questions on how to maintain our hair during the summer and what are the best products to use at home for a healthy beautiful hair.

Book f27: What are the main reasons for hair damage during the summer?

Annesofie: There are many reasons for hair damaging during the summer. Most people are enjoying the beach, many are spending more time outside by the pool or swimming in the sea so the heat, the salty water, the chemicals in the pool are damaging the hair. Because of the heat outside, the hair opens and it loses most of its natural minerals. Everyone should use a shampoo and conditioner with UV protection or a sunblock spray for hair. It is very important for both natural and dyed hair. You should protect your hair the same way you protect your skin. 

f27: How does the heat and the humid affect the hair?

A: It affects mostly the styling and the good “shape” of the hair. The high humid during the summer in this region makes the good hairstyle almost impossible. If you, for example, have curly hair and you straighten it the hairstyle won’t last long because of the high consistency of water in the air.

f27: How to fight with the frizzy hair?

A: For frizzy hair, the moist is the key. You can also use anti-frizz products, but I would recommend working with the natural structure of the hair and don’t use heavy styling products. It is easier to maintain during the humid summers in Dubai and it’s less damaging for the hair. But frizzy hair needs moist, the hair is like our skin, so if we have dry skin we apply moisturizing products, the same we need to do with the hair because the frizzy hair is a dry hair.

f27: What you would recommend for a dyed hair?

A: I always recommend Olaplex in the process of dyeing the hair plus Olaplex HomeKit to maintain the hair at home. This way all the vitamins stay in the hair and you can have a healthy beautiful hair.

 f27: Should we avoid the blow dry and the styling products during the summer?

A: No, but I would always recommend using heat protect before styling. You can find different products on the market for every hair type, so I am sure you will find the right one for your hair. Just work with your hairstylist who will be able to recommend the best product for your hair type.

f27: What should be our routine for a strong and shiny hair during the summer?

A: Summer tip number one is moist, Olaplex is heaven.

f27: If you have to recommend us five products for a strong and beautiful hair to use during the summer which one they would be?

A: Olaplex Home Kit that works for all hair types. It’s a bit hard to name five products to get strong and beautiful hair, I believe less is more. If you buy a professional hairdresser products, you don’t need five. I believe less is more and if you have a good shampoo, conditioner, and heat protection product this is enough. You don’t need eight different products from different brands that have the same effect. Less is always more.

f27: How often should we cut our hair?

A: If you have long hair I would say every 3rd month. If you have a high maintained graphic hairstyle or short haircut you need to visit your hairstylist probably every four to six weeks. A good haircut is important for a long lasting result. The machine haircut is for sheep.

f27: Any special treatments we should try this summer before our summer vacations?

A: Olaplex The Pro treatment that the most hairdressers do.

f27: What about the hair loss? It’s increasing during the summer. How to fix that?

A: Hair loss is a big problem in this region because of so many reasons. First and most important in this region is to have a water filter, to avoid the sun and eat healthily. If you have a serious problem then you should visit a hair loss clinic which you can find in Dubai where the doctors will be able to find out what exactly is the reason for the hair loss and can treat your hair and scalp the right way. You should be patient and follows the doctor’s prescriptions and if you don’t see results after 5-6 months then you should try more aggressive ways for this problem.